“You have to sell this, girl!”

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When this mom made her daughter’s craft bow hanger and filmed it for TikTok, she probably didn’t expect it to become such a hit.

But at 2.1 million views, it’s clear that mom daughter Alex (@ mapletree4.20) has a bright future in DIY and crafts in front of it!

Alex’s video begins by listing the supplies needed to make his DIY bow storage: a wooden letter, wooden slats, string, clothespins, scissors, a glue gun, spray paint and fake flowers.

She then begins to manufacture. She begins by cutting the flowers off their stems. Then she paints her letter and wooden slats the same dusty pink color. She then sprays paints on the crisp white clothespins.

Once everything is dry, Alex sticks the fake flowers to his letter and sticks the clothespins to the slats. She also glues and taps string on the back of the letter, presumably to hang it up.

Once that’s been done, Alex measures his string, spreads out his slats, and glues it all together. She then hangs up the entire room and pins all of her baby’s knots – not only creating an efficient method of archery storage, but also an adorable piece of room decor!

According to Alex, her hanger has 30 bows in total – but she plans to make 2 more in each of her daughter’s initials.

“Oh, I do that so much …”

Hundreds of parents have applauded Alex’s adorable craft in the comments.

“I’m doing this for my daughters!” an user mentionned.

“It’s PRECIOUS and so smart! Thanks for the DIY inspiration! ” mentionned another.

“I was JUST looking for DIY bow storage today!” another comment Lily.

A few users liked the craft so much that they told Alex she had to start selling them. “But do you sell them? Because I would totally pay for it !! said a comment.

Other users loved the craft, but had other ideas for clothespins. “Oh, I’m doing this, but with pictures!” an user wrote.

Some users complained that they didn’t find Alex’s video earlier. “Where was that video 5 minutes ago?” I just spent $ 55 on Amazon because I need one and bought a bow organizer and some unnecessary things for my baby, ”one user said.

Alex’s video proves that with a little effort, a lot of love, and a good amount of hot glue, anything is possible!

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