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Omarion was announced as Yeti in the “Masked Singer” semi-final. HL spoke exclusively with Omarion about his transformation and what it would be like to perform on stage with an extra £ 60.

Yeti made a magnificent entry to Masked singer As one of the wildcard candidates. Omarion It was released in Yeti after the last four performances of the episode on May 19. Hollywood life I had the opportunity to speak exclusively with Omarion before the big announcement of the entry into the Yeti. Very large shoes.

“It’s an extra £ 60 to run there,” Omarion said. “It was intense. A lot of people looking from the outside don’t know how much they play with a £ 60 outfit. I automatically mean all of the Disneyland characters, and they do. I started to think about how I should dress and take those little breaks and so on. I immediately said, “Oh my God, I’m wearing a helmet, extra pairs of arms and legs. I was thinking. It was very interesting. But still, I had a great time transforming into Yeti. “

Omarion was revealed as a “masked singer” yeti. (Fox)

He added £ 60 to each performance, but the Grammy nominated singer didn’t show it – he comfortably danced and sang hits. Justin bieber, Rascal Flatts, More. Omarion admitted that his training program was useful when he became a yeti.

“When it comes to workouts, we maintain a consistent schedule in our lives,” said Omarion. “I was on tour just before COVID. We Millennium Tour – Me and Bow – We only did 5 shows. So I maintain a training regime. I exercise with a weight vest so when I took off the weight vest it was like I was floating in the air. I think I was prepared for it, and I didn’t even know. I’m in good shape so I tried my best. However, the Yeti was so restrained from head to toe that it was sometimes necessary to step aside. “

Nick Cannon and Yeti. (Fox)

Omarion fully admitted that he “burns” in the Yeti costume. Yeti’s legs were so big that it was not easy to play! “I think my step was a little bigger than usual because the Yeti was size 14 or something. I’m wearing a size 9, so imagine a size 9 walking with size 14 shoes on. Look, Omarion says.

The singer revealed that Omarion and his family were “enthusiastic supporters” of the show. Masked singer The concert was “perfect timing”. In addition to Omarion’s exposure as Yeti, Jenny mccarthy husband Donnie Wahlberg Posted as Cluedle-Doo! Chameleon, Piglet, and Black Swan will advance to the Season 5 finale and air May 26 on FOX.

Yeti costume cost ‘£ 60’ – Hollywood Life

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