X-Men Teases Secret Origin Of Hellfire Gala Costumes

The X-Men have teased a new mutant technology that is the perfect way to create Krakoa’s unique clothes.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marauders # 19 by Gerry Duggan, Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado & VC’s Cory Petit, on sale now.

The current era of X-Men stories has brought a sense of peace and belonging to the mutant community, with Krakoa giving some citizens time and space to really use their powers in new and creative ways. This includes the world of culture and art, with the most recent idea of ​​a mutant being the perfect synchronization of mind and function.

A new fashion-focused Mutant tech might actually become a boon to Krakoa in the future.

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A piece of prose included in Marauders # 19 reveals that X-Desk – the U.S. government’s mutant-watching group – has been tracking media references to mutants. This extends to the fashion section of The Daily Bugle, which includes a brief interview with Jumbo Carnation. The mutant fashion designer first appeared in New X-Men # 134 by Grant Morrison and Keron Grant, and died soon after due to an overdose of the mutant drug known as Kick. He was then one of the first mutants resurrected by the Five. Jumbo is one of the most popular mutants in human culture, much like music star Dazzler. He has designed new costumes and clothing for the X-Men and their allies, including the beautiful unique dresses that will be featured in the upcoming Hellfire Gala scenario.

Jumbo reveals he’s figured out how to do them all on a schedule with new Mutant technology. Mutant technologies are the synchronization of mutant powers to create a new effect. While this term can refer to combinations of powers that change the world, it can also refer to more everyday applications. For Jumbo, that means working with two other mutant abilities: Jumbo designs the clothes in his mind and allows Stepford’s cuckoos to access them with their telepathy. The five then spread this information into the mind of Madrox the Multiple Man, who then creates copies of himself to effectively do all of the manual labor required to create the clothes. The telepathic connection ensures that Madrox copies become an efficient cutting and sewing service.

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This impressive combination of powers could potentially be a huge boon for Krakoa. Jumbo’s designs have been widely accepted in the Marvel Universe by mankind as strong examples of high fashion, which makes them valuable. If these mutants (or at least mutants with similar powers) were to continue working together, Krakoa could have a new industry on their hands that would be a useful tool for commerce in the future. As Krakoa whiskey, Krakoa Clothing could become the future of high fashion fashion and could elevate some mutants like Jumbo (as well as potentially his collaborators the Stepfords and Madrox) to a new level of acceptance and appreciation of the general population. With much of the world still wary of Krakoa and the mutants, this could be a useful step forward.

There is also a possible military application in an emergency, as this same strategy could be used to create uniforms for mutants ready to fight. While it may not seem as vital to Krakoa’s continuation and expansion as other mutant technologies, it’s still a welcome development that could have many uses – and solidifies Jumbo as a major figure in the culture. mutant.

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