World’s biggest street dance competition kicks off Friday at Thalia Hall

Chicago has a proud history in the origins of house music and street dancing adds to that heritage.

On Friday, the world’s largest street dance competition will take place at Thalia Hall for the Red Bull Dance Your Style event. The competition brings together the best street dancers in the region to compete head-to-head. It’s an ensemble on a spontaneous soundtrack.

Dance Your Style, Chicago team

What sets it apart from other competitions is that the audience will take on the role of judge, ultimately deciding which dancers will advance to the national final in Washington DC. embrace the moment, wow the crowd and improvise dance moves to the beat.

“Chicago Footwork Style is very big. It’s our own story, ”Chicago P-top team The Era said. “New York has hip hop, break and all that. We have the house, the juking, the ghetto house – which leads to footwork. The history of Chicago Footwork is over 30 years old and has evolved over time ”,

The evening will be hosted by Chicago’s own BRAVEMONK, a member of Chicago’s legendary Phaze II Crosstown Crew. Chicago-based DJ King Marie will provide the spontaneous soundtrack.

Dance your style

Tickets are available here

If you can’t attend the show, you can watch the broadcast live on Caffeine.

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Tonight at Thalia Hall

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