Wonder Woman’s most iconic costumes come together in 80th anniversary art

Iconic Wonder Woman outfits come together in a stunning piece of art by Nicola Scott and Annette Kwok celebrating the hero’s 80th birthday.

DC Wonder woman celebrates her 80th birthday and she does it in style. The Goddess of Truth has had many outfits not only in the comic canon, but also in Elseworlds and the multiverse stories. These iconic iterations are now celebrated in new pinup art.

Wonder Woman was first created in 1941 by Dr William Moulton Marston and HG Peter, as many fans know. Since then, she has lived 80 years of heroic adventures and she has celebrated in style. She will be inducted into the Comic-Con Character Hall of Fame and her associated family is appearing in several new comic book projects this year, including her mother, Hippolyta, and sister, Nubia. Now his official birthday special has debuted and with it some wonderful new art.

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Wonder Woman 80th Birthday 100 Super Spectacular Pages # 1 features multiple comic book creators telling stories inspired by Diana’s many eras of heroism. It also features beautiful character pin-ups throughout the issue. One, in particular, is very eye-catching. This piece, entitled Wonder Women of the Multiverse, was created by Nicola Scott and Annette Kwok. It features versions of Wonder Woman from various Elseworlds comic book series and other multiverses, such as Earth-2.

These Wonder Women – in order from left to right – are from Earth-2, Amazonia, Red thread, Kingdom come, Flash point, DC Bombs, Earth One, The return of the dark knight, Injustice, and The new frontier. The usual Wonder Woman costumes are well known, but her alternate variations are no less amazing. Earth-2 was a series within DC New 52, featuring Wonder Woman in a much more armored look. Wonder Woman: Amazonia from 1997 placed the heroine in a Victorian-era steampunk-inspired world with an updo accented with curls. Red thread This may be one of Superman’s must-see Elseworlds stories, but it also comes with a bold new look for Wonder Woman. This work of art also features one of the iconic looks of the Goddess of Truth from kingdom come, although it might not be what fans were expecting, as the Golden Eagle armor is very popular.

After these iterations, Wonder Woman’s Breaking point, the iconic 2011 arc that led to DC’s launch of the New 52 and pitted the Goddess of Truth against Aquaman in a full-scale war. The next step is DC Comic Bombshells, which began as a line of figures that developed into a series of comics. This look is easily recognizable thanks to its retro inspiration from the 40s. This look is followed by its character of Wonder Woman: Earth One by Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette, Todd Klein and Nathan Fairbairn. This look harkens back to his origins as a character, as the story did as well.

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The Lasso of Truth returns with the upcoming Wonder Woman who starred in the 1986 miniseries The return of the dark knight by Frank Miller. This outfit pairs her armored crop top with shorts similar to her original skirt. Wonder Woman’s outfit changes dramatically for Injustice, which is one of the few main outfits that features a pair of pants instead of shorts or a skirt. The latest in this lineup is DC’s Eisner winner The new frontier version of the Wonder Woman series, which harkens back to DC’s Golden and Silver Ages.

Scott and Kwok’s art for this anniversary special captures the breadth of adventures the heroine has experienced, pairing beautifully with the showcase of stories inspired by her past. This pin-up is absolutely one of the best outings to commemorate Wonder woman impressive step.

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