Williams, the dance team persevered last year to win the 10th title

Who is the most decorated team in the halls of Willis high school?

No, not the soccer, volleyball or softball team… but the Sweethearts dance and exercise team.

Not what you expected, right?

While the Sweethearts do so much for the community and provide tremendous halftime entertainment during games, they are winning too. And win big.

Led by Captain Alyssa Williams, the Sweethearts won their 10th national dance title in school history in 2021.

“I actually won the trophy,” Williams recalls. “I grabbed it and immediately turned to my team and knew we had done it together. So much has happened in the past year with COVID – the delays, the practices and the people leaving the team – but it was all worth it in the end. ”

But what about the beginning?

Williams has been dancing since she was in kindergarten, but it wasn’t until she was in middle school that it really clicked.

A d

“I saw the Sweethearts and that was it,” she laughed. “I knew I had to be a part of this team. They were all so beautiful and so structured. I wanted it and I worked so hard to make the team my first year. Last year I became an officer. . ”

She passes the baton to her sister Addison, who will be this year’s captain.

“It will be so much fun and a privilege to work with her,” she said.

Alyssa dedicates herself to school, takes college courses and prepares for college life. She also has another passion.

“I’m really involved in the school so people maybe don’t know I’m creative enough,” she said. “I don’t show it a lot, but I can think outside the box a bit. I love planning events and working with an event coordinator in town who hosts community functions.”

Where does she find the time?

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