Video interview with Laura Jean Shannon (costume designer ‘The Boys’)

“We really wanted to create a legitimate superhero universe that could play with the big boys, if you will,” reveals the superhero costume designer. Laura Jean Shannon on creating the world of real-life celebrity superheroes on Amazon’s “The Boys”. “We basically became the co-architects of the Vought Cinematic Universe over the course of several seasons,” she says. Watch our exclusive video interview with Shannon above.

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“The Boys” depicts a world in which real-life superheroes are worshiped as celebrity gods keeping the community safe. Writer / director Eric Kripke developed the series for the screen, based on the comic book series of the same name from Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Its large set includes stars Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony starr, Chace Crawford and Erin Moriarty, with Aya Cash joining the show for its second season. The satirical action drama explores what happens when these heroes go rogue and abuse their powers, telling a highly entertaining uplifting tale of celebrity worship, materialism, fame and greed.

The show’s second season was a hit with fans and critics alike, scoring an impressive 97% at Rotten Tomatoes. The heart of the show is the violent acrimony between the powerful “supes” and the unsuitable group of vigilantes determined to destroy them, nicknamed “the boys”. While the bad blood between the two sides remains the overall point of the series, its second season has been largely driven by its female characters, while season two introduces a new “supe” to the dynamic, along with the charismatic, sarcastic and ultimately terrifying. Stormfront (Cash) joins the Seven, who we soon learn is an immortal Nazi.

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For Shannon, the show not only needs to be grounded in reality in many ways, but the intricate and intricate designs it brings to life must also perfectly balance utility, practicality and aesthetics. “It’s a trio of reality, form and function, so what comes first? The form actually has to drive the function when you’re doing a show like “ The Boys, ” because it’s a hands-on show where these characters wear these costumes practically in action. And then you have that third little box that you just ticked off, that’s how it talks about the real character and how it plays into what we’re trying to embody, ”she explains.

“We really wanted to focus on that improved cinematic aesthetic, so all fabrics are custom made, all unconventional materials are sculpted for each of the characters and everything is integrated to create a very superhero feel and vibe. consistent. it is not a joke, it is not a whim. This is not a joke. They are in fact legitimate. The universe we have created is legitimate and, in doing so, everything is founded, ”says Shannon. “It’s that grounded reality that our show embodies, so that superheroes can live among normal humans on Earth, in our story, and we could tell the stories we tell that are as impactful as they are.” . “

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