This BMW-inspired cafe biker predicts that batteries will dominate the design language of future e-bikes

BMW Motorrad concepts have caught our attention in the past for their absolute design prowess and futuristic appeal. Thought BMW Vision Next 100. Such is the weight of the brand that industrial designers are drawn to the namesake BMW Motorrad for their two-wheeler inspirations. Rodrigo Magro Mañas’ electric motorcycle KF33 is a cyber bicycle which provides a glimpse of the automotive industry a decade into the future. Rodrigo provides the bike with a big belly to accommodate all the mechanical parts and, of course, the battery.

Looking at this bike, the first thought that struck me was the battery / engine compartment mentioned above. It’s enormous ! Since the designer wanted it to be a cafe runner, I imagine the “fuel tank” is much smaller. You’ll need the bike to bounce from cafe to cafe with plenty of time in between to charge it, while you hang out with your coffee heads (or lights). Given the availability of fast battery chargers, I’m sure an arrangement can be made to compromise the shape of the tank.

A concept bike generally encapsulates a unified design and a strong silhouette. The bike feels too heavy up front compared to the rear swingarm section and beyond. Scroll down to the second image below and cover the back half with your hand to see what I mean. Given our love for BMW-inspired futuristic bike designs, Rodrigo’s imagination of an evolution cafe runner is a fluke. Its focus is also on bold design as the bike is built for a future where reliable electric rides will dominate the industry. Of course, it will be a performance bike because who wouldn’t want one? Thus, the sleek body encapsulates a powerful motor and high performance battery. The combination of power and performance means that a lot of heat is generated. As a solution, Rodrigo reinterpreted the shape of the famous BMW boxer engine for heat dissipation where the body cover is designed to release heat, with the telescopic fork and gimbal cover guard also aiding in heat dissipation. The designer imagined separate sections for the battery and the engine while having a front wishbone fork and the Cardan integrated into the body.

With a few tweaks, this could be a BMW cyber-bike that could become the design inspiration for a future BMW Motorrad cafe racer, and we’re excited to see it come to life!

Designer: Rodrigo Magro Mañas

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