These interwar tank designs make us scratch our heads

In the years after WWI and before WWII, there were a lot of weird tanks. Most of them would turn out to be mostly unnecessary!

The tank was first introduced in War Word I, but in the interwar years countries around the world were still looking to use and develop them. This has led to a lot of really weird and interesting designs. Basically, the tanks of the interwar period looked nothing like the tanks that roamed the fields of Europe at the end of WWII.

Many of these interwar tanks were equipped only with machine guns, or had multiple turrets, or even no turrets at all. Typically, they became obsolete very quickly during WWII. Often, if they were used, they were used in other combat roles outside the front line. Still others, like the Char B1, were France’s last best hope for breaking the German panzer spearhead as it crossed French lines. Here are some models of tanks from the interwar period that leave our heads full.

8 M1 Combat Car – United States

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The M1 combat car was used by the US military in the late 1930s and was officially known as the “Light Tank, M1”. After the Spanish Civil War, it became clear to everyone that tanks needed cannons and not just machine guns.

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Overnight, without seeing any action, the M1 became obsolete. About 113 were built and some saw action in the early stages of the United States entering the war in the Philippines. All the tanks were destroyed or captured by the Japanese.

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7 Vickers Medium Mark I – Great Britain

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Built from 1924, the Vickers Medium Mark I could travel at just 15 miles per hour and still recalled tank designs from World War I. Perhaps their main contribution was to provide the British with experience and training in tank design.

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Oddly enough, British medium tanks made up the bulk of global tank production in the 1920s, and yet they never fired a single shot of anger being all built after WWI and withdrew before WWII. global.

6 Vickers A1E1 Independent – Great Britain

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The Independent A1E1 was a rather original British design and featured several turrets. Although this tank actually reached only prototype status and only one vehicle had been completed, it had a considerable influence on other British tank designs.

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It had a large crew of 8 and could go 20 miles per hour – perfect for artillery practice!

5 AMR 35 – France

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Another French tank from the interwar period reminding us that tanks didn’t really look like tanks until later, the AMR 35 was a light tank designed for a light armored combat role.

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Most of the AMR 35s would be lost during the Battle of France against the Germans in the first weeks of the fighting. The AMR 35 weighed 6.5 tonnes and only around 167 vehicles were produced between 1936-1939

4 Char B1 – France

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While the design of the Char B1 would leave anyone scratching their heads, the Char B1 was actually a very successful heavy tank and arguably better than anything the Germans had at the time. It was, however, technologically complex and expensive, and its primary weapon was awkward to aim.

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They were also slow and gas-guzzling, but still more powerful than anything else of the time. After the fall of France, the Germans requisitioned many surviving tanks and adapted them into mechanized artillery and flamethrowers.

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3 T-18 tank – Soviet Union

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The Soviets really experimented with designing all kinds of tanks, and the T-18 was another example of strange Soviet designs from the interwar years. In fact, the T-18 was the first tank of Soviet design and was produced from 1928 to 1931.

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The T-18 was basically a flop, and they never proved useful to the military. They did, however, give the Soviets much needed experience in designing armored vehicles, and they went on to design the world’s most produced tanks of all time.

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2 T-35 tank – Soviet Union

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This strange monstrosity of the Soviet interwar period was a heavy tank with several turrets. The craziest thing about the T-35 was that it had five turrets! It was the only heavy five-turret tank in the world to reach production.

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The T-35 was found to be slow and mechanically unreliable, and as a result it was never produced in small numbers. Most of them were lost during the German invasion of the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa – but they were not directly lost by the Germans, but rather by mechanical failure.

1 Panzer 35

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The Panzerkampfwagen 35

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Most of the remaining tanks were sold to Bulgaria and Romania. By 1942, they were becoming too obsolete to continue to be of any use in the German army, having then witnessed the invasion of Poland, the Battle of France and the invasion of the USSR.

In conclusion, there were a lot of weird inter-war tank designs and most saw action during WWII until they were replaced by the Shermans, Tigers and T-34s. most famous of the war.

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