There is no alternative to developing the country by mobilizing the agricultural sector: Minister Sharma – myRepublica

KATHMANDU, December 31: The Minister of Finance, Janardan Sharma, has stressed the need to make the country self-sufficient by developing the agricultural sector.

Stating that the development and progress of the country is only possible by making systematic the relationship between the farmers, the land, the climate and the water resources of Nepal, Sharma also clarified that there is no alternative to move forward by mobilizing the agricultural sector.

Speaking at the 14th annual general meeting of the Nepal Agricultural Cooperative Central Federation Ltd held Friday in Kathmandu, he stressed the need for special investment from the government to boost the country’s economy by organizing and mobilizing the agricultural sector.

Finance Minister Sharma also urged cooperatives to increase their investments in the development of the agricultural sector by organizing farmers.

Acknowledging that the agriculture sector and farmers have been neglected by the state, Finance Minister Sharma also expressed his commitment to building agribusinesses by mobilizing them. He also expressed his belief that cooperatives would play an important role in the drive to build national capital by transforming the agricultural sector into a business.

Lana T. Arthur