The worst costume redesign in DC Comics history

DC Comics has had some great costume revamps over the years, however, some have completely missed the mark and have been total failures.

It’s only natural for a popular comic book superhero to have a new look in the comics on a semi-frequent basis – and the heroes of DC Comics are no exception. As the stories evolve and change, so do the costumes. While there have been some standout costumes over the past few decades, some redesigns have failed completely, including new looks for Wonder Woman and Superman.

When editors, writers, and artists decide to change the look of an iconic superhero, it’s a pretty difficult task. With popular characters, some of whom have been around for over 80 years, their costumes have become an integral part of who they are. So when a redesign occurs and readers don’t dig into it, it can have a serious impact on how a particular series is received. In some cases, DC Comics has completely missed the mark with a few redesigns. However, it’s worth noting that just because a costume is bad doesn’t mean the comic book it came from isn’t worth reading.

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Black Canary Set 80

Black canary costume

Black Canary’s original costume is still pretty much the same as it was when the character debuted in Flash Comics # 86. Dinah Lance’s look is quite simple yet iconic. She normally wears a leather jacket and fishnet leggings, as well as a black one-piece. In the 80s, DC Comics decided to modernize the look and created one of the worst comic book costumes of all time.

In Detective Comics # 554, Black Canary got a costume that stank of the times. The new look was a full jumpsuit with wide white boots, gloves and a headband. It looked more like a training outfit than a superhero costume. It also featured what was supposed to be a canary-shaped logo on its chest, while also sporting a turtleneck. While the costume was a mess, Black Canary wore it on some of his best Justice League International adventures. Eventually she realized how bad the costume was and burned it during an act of Action comics. However, the costume is oddly nostalgic and falls under the “it’s so bad it’s almost good” category.

Wonder Woman 90s Outfit

Wonder woman

In the mid-90s, Wonder Woman lost her title to a fellow Amazonian named Artemis and ditched her iconic costume. What she took instead was a costume you’d better forget.

The gaze was more on Diana’s sexualization than practice. She had a short biker jacket and shorts, a leather bra, belts and suspenders all over. While the design of Wonder Woman has always been based on the concept of bondage, this look completely missed the mark and luckily didn’t last more than a few issues before Diana returned to her role and put the new digs on her feet. sides permanently.

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Superman black costume

Superman Black Suit and Mullet in DC Comics

Including this look could be controversial, as Superman’s electric look is often considered his worst overhaul, and the fact that Zack Snyder recently repopulated Superman’s black suit in his Justice League movie. However, Superman’s black suit and the mule he sported in the post-Superman’s Death Arc is his worst costume.

Superman’s black suit was born after being resurrected after his death at the hands of Doomsday. Known as the “recovery suit,” it allowed him to absorb solar energy, which accelerated his recovery. During an attack on Cyborg Superman, the original Superman wore the costume, along with ammo packs and straps around his legs. The black suit is just boring and probably the most harmless part of her new ensemble. What makes him really ugly are the silver accents on his chest, wrists, and feet, while Superman sports a mullet that would make Billy Ray Cyrus proud. Superman should be a silver lining – and although the black suit was designed for the sake of history – he felt so out of character and looked ugly. More modern versions of the black suit worked, but the original redesign was disgusting.

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Skinny Lobo

New 52 Lobo in DC Comics

DC’s New 52 era made some interesting choices when it came to character overhauls, and Lobo’s skinny appearance might be the most controversial of them all. In the arc, it was revealed that the motor-mouthed Czarnian fans knew he was actually an impostor who stole the identity of the original Lobo after his planet was destroyed. In the story arc, a new Lobo emerged that looked quite different from the original version.

The new Lobo was much thinner and looked more like Namor the submarine than the original character it was based on. The problem with the redesign of the new Lobo was that it was such a drastic departure from the already established character. Lobo was unrecognizable and unfortunately much less interesting. Lobo’s characterization flourished by being a badass on a bike, while the new Lobo seemed much less threatening. While Lobo’s redesign was supposed to attract new fans for the character, it ultimately alienated new and old readers who wondered what happened to the cool dude who previously carried the name. Lobo has completely lost his OOMPH.

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Raven – New 52

Raven New 52

DC’s handling of the Teen Titans in the New 52 era led to a new costume for Raven, which was completely unrecognizable from her previous appearances in the comics. In the arc, Raven reunites with her father Trigon and she begins working with him as “Black Bird of Terror”. She ultimately controls the minds and spoils the emotions of her former Teen Titans teammates and becomes the Queen of the Sub-Realms. Although she eventually returns to the Titans, thankfully her darker gaze has stayed behind.

The problem with Raven’s New 52’s new design is that it doesn’t look anything like the character, while not particularly interesting. Giving her wings is an interesting touch, but blocking her face with a shell-shaped mask and giving her long, pointy fingers, as well as a weirdly overexualized ’90s costume just doesn’t do the character justice. Raven’s original look with the hooded cape is so iconic that any major departure immediately seems questionable. However, the New 52 look failed to capture the character’s spirit, while also turning Raven into a dull, unrecognizable demon. The look is one of the worst examples of trying to change a character’s conception too much. At the end, DC Comics dropped the gaze after the end of the arc.

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