The Recorder – Franklin County Agricultural Society donates tree memorials as fundraiser for landslide remediation

Published: 17/11/2021 16:09:49

GREENFIELD – As part of its ongoing fundraising efforts for the Mudslide Remediation Project, the Franklin County Fairgrounds is hosting a Tree Fundraiser that offers individuals the opportunity to commemorate a be dear at the fairgrounds.

“There are many people, especially veterans, who deserve to be recognized for their contributions to our community,” said Michael Nelson, president of the Franklin County Agricultural Society, which operates the fairgrounds on Wisdom Way. .

For a donation of $150 or more, the fairground will purchase and plant a tree with a memorial plaque in honor of a loved one. The trees, 50 of which will be planted, will also serve to further stabilize the area once contractors complete the mudslide remediation project.

Last month, contractors broke ground on the Landslide Remediation Project, which involves stabilizing a failing fairground embankment, located directly above Linwood Street, repairing three eroded gullies, installing drains drainage over the embankment, replacing damaged wetlands and replanting fallen vegetation, according to Nelson.

“We’re getting closer,” Nelson said. “Western Earthworks in Florence have been working since October and really hope to wrap up in the next two weeks.”

Nelson said once the contractor’s work is complete, Franklin County Technical School students will replace the chain-link fence damaged in a storm and replant 50 native trees to further stabilize the area.

The $265,000 project is still about $65,000 away from its fundraising goal.

The United States Department of Agriculture provided $103,000 in grants for this work, but the Franklin County Agricultural Society is responsible for the remaining $162,000. Through fundraising efforts, the agricultural society raised nearly $100,000.

“I hope this helps us get a little closer to our goal,” Nelson said.

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