The League, “The Harvard of Dating Apps,” Comes to Madison | Technology

The League launched in Madison in October, initially opening the app to a batch of 500 users.


Cottage Grove resident and state government employee Meredith Cook has been dating online for about eight years. She said using apps like OK Cupid, Tinder and buzz has been a mixed bag – it can be a chore, and there are a lot of dishonest or less than tasty people to sift through.

“You learn to smell a stinky profile – someone trying to cheat on their spouse or something,” she said.

Now there is an online dating platform that promises to be an antidote: The league, a dating app launched in Madison last month with the promise of eliminating “tire shooters, one night stands and duds.”

“They want them to be professional and educated individuals. I was like, ‘OK, that sounds different from everyone,’ ”said Cook, who was one of the first 500 local residents admitted to the First User Class.

The League was founded in 2014 by Carnegie Mellon computer scientist Amanda Bradford, who said her mission was to eliminate gender dynamics in the dating world. Bradford said men disproportionately expect women to let their partner’s careers come first, or to be the primary caregivers of children. Its application, she wrote in a 2015 essay on Linkedin, would be “a community where intelligent, outspoken and high performing women are celebrated and encouraged to advance in their full-time careers.”

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