The future forgotten hero has Marvel’s most powerful spider armor

Peter Parker has already come face to face with the Spider-Man of 2211 who possesses the most powerful Spider-Armor in the Marvel Universe.

The heroes of the Spider-Verse are no stranger to variations of the classic Spider-Man costume. Peter Parker has had a plethora of different suits with varying abilities over the years. Some of his costumes gave Peter a big advantage over his enemies or increased his powers, such as his Big Time costume and his various spider armor. However, the strongest spider costume never belonged to Peter, and instead belonged to Dr. Max Borne, the obscure Spider-Man from the year 2211.

Max Borne is one of the more unique versions of Spider-Man that have been introduced so far. He comes from the same universe as Spider-Man 2099, although he didn’t adopt the role until over a hundred years later. Borne first appeared in 1995 Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man by Peter David and Rick Leonardi, in which Peter Parker and Spider-Man 2099 are transported to 2211. The pair are captured by the Hobgoblin of 2211 who plans to wipe out the heroes of the story. The heroes are saved by Borne, who is then able to bring them back to their own time.

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Max Borne was not seen again until he appeared ten years later in Peter David and Mike Wieringo’s Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man # 9. This story revealed that Borne was a columnist tasked with stopping crimes before they could happen. His daughter ended up becoming the Hobgoblin of 2211 in an effort to make her father proud, and he was responsible for her arrest.

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Spider-Man 2211

Max Borne has traveled through time and teamed up with Peter Parker in 2006 to defeat his daughter. Her plan ultimately failed as her daughter tried to erase her from existence with one of her bombs. Peter was able to stop the bomb before it hit Borne and redirect it to the Hobgoblin, causing it to disappear from all reality. Borne fled the scene in anguish and went to look for a displaced Ben Parker, intending to return him to his proper place and time. Unbeknownst to Borne, Ben Parker had been killed and replaced by the Chameleon, which in turn killed Borne.

While Max may be one of the most obscure spider heroes, he possessed one of the most powerful spider costumes ever seen. Much like Otto Octavius’ Doctor Octopus, his armor was equipped with four mentally controlled cybernetic arms that he could use to aid him in battle. His outfit also contained guided straps that tracked and neutralized his enemies in a manner similar to heat-seeking missiles. However, Borne’s most unique ability came from his profession as a chronicler. Using this knowledge and technology, he was able to visualize alternate timelines and predict the most likely future events. He could also use his technology to erase other people’s memories.

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Spider-Man Interrogation 2211

While Peter Parker and the other Spider-Verse heroes have had extremely powerful costumes, none of them live up to Max Borne’s costume. In addition to being equipped with 200 years of advanced technology, the suit also possesses the ability to travel and change the weather. The symbiote suit that Peter once wore is arguably just as solid as Borne’s suit, but the symbiote had a mind of its own, never completely ceding control to Peter.

The Doctor Octopus Spider-Man Superior costume also gives Max Borne’s costume a run for its money. The top suit also had an additional set of limbs as well as an improved strap and retractable clamps. While this costume is solid, the technological advancements in Borne’s costume place it in its own category. Max’s suit has almost all of the same features as the Top Suit, but it takes it a step further with its time travel and mind-altering abilities.

Unfortunately, Max Borne’s appearances were rare. While it appeared that he died in Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man # 10, Borne was reviewed during Dan Slott Spider-Verse Event. It is not known if he survived the chameleon’s point blank shot, or if his appearance was entirely due to the benefits of time travel. Still, there is a lot more to the story of Max Boone to be told, and a reappearance at some point will certainly only be a matter of time.

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