The Flash reveals the ironic problem with her costume

The Flash costume is one of the more practical in comics, shrinking to fit in a ring, but the tight-fitting costume has a few drawbacks for Wally West as well.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Lightning # 772!

Wally West has just revealed an ironic problem with his Sparkle costume which makes it much more difficult to use his abilities in his civilian life. The Flash Ring has long been an iconic gadget for the speedster hero, much like Batman has the Batmobile shrinking and putting away his costume ready to face evil. While Superman traditionally needs to find a phone booth to change and Spider-Man has to wear his suit under his shirt, Flash is the hero whose suit is best suited to the double life of having a secret identity. . seems.

As Wally West picks up the torch from The Flash, he runs into issues his predecessor Barry likely had for years. Theoretically, he may have encountered this problem in the past, but now it becomes problematic as he searches for a job. It is discussed in the first pages of Lightning # 772 as the bills pile up in Wally’s family life, which leads her to assert herself in order to find work. Although he currently leads his life as a hero, the new flash struggles with the mundane side of existence in this issue, written by Jeremy Adams with art by Will Conrad.

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In a montage of job interviews, WWe keep asking an ally how his resume has crumbled so much in his path, explaining that he had to bend it so that it does not fly away. While it has the costume solution any hero would envy, it’s clear that the skin-tight costume creates its own issues, making it difficult for Wally to use his powers for the benefit of his civilian life. While Batman has the technology to deliver his civilian clothes wherever he needs them, and even Spider-Man is known to make a canvas backpack to carry his things, Wally clearly has no solution for carrying the necessary items. to his civilian life. It’s a funny deal to have, as Flash’s speed should make it a prime candidate for professionalism, always able to get to work on time. Unfortunately, it also sabotages the first impression he gives in every interview. It might seem like a trivial issue, but as a working class hero, Wally’s ability to find a job is a necessary part of being effective as The Flash.

Quick job interview

It’s a running theme of heroes like Spider-Man who secretly works as a superhero makes professional stability almost impossible, but Peter Parker is a young man with few commitments who tends to live with roommates, while that Wally and his wife Linda have two children at Support. One of the key decisions that first set Marvel apart from DC was to focus on more mundane misfortunes for its heroes in order to make them identifiable. Wally’s Early Adventures as the New Flash.

While he has an Impossible Ring that keeps his costume contained and available at all times, the costume itself does not offer such magical storage, and Wally is ultimately fortunate enough to find work with Mister Terrific, who gives him permission to vanish whenever he needs it as a hero. However, tthere next time Sparkle has to carry papers on the run, he’ll have to find a better option than folding them small enough to fit under his pantyhose.

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