The community is helping to design a new playground at Mattson Park.

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Community members are helping decide what the planned new playground will look like for Mattson Park.

The all-inclusive Kids Cove playground is about to become a reality.

Design team Sanders and Czapski Associates, City of Marquette and Marquette Playgrounds for All summarize design ideas and suggestions from the public.

City of Marquette Community Services Director Jon Swenson said members of the public can vote on what the new playground might include and what it might look like.

“We’re looking for people’s favorite things and what they really want to see included. [They can choose] a number of things they can choose from are specific equipment.

This means that all the swings, slides, casters and the like are chosen by the public, as well as the general design of the playground.

This will allow the design team to create a unique playground for everyone, regardless of age or disability, said Mara Kaplan of Let Kids Play.

“So we put all of these competing interests together to find the right piece of gear or the right sets of equipment for all of the kids to play together.”

Swenson said the playground could cost anywhere from $ 600,000 to $ 1 million and there is yet to be fundraising.

“We have $ 300,000 from the trust fund grant program, so we’re well ahead of that, and then the Marquette Playgrounds for All group is raising funds for the rest.”

Another presentation will take place later this year to decide on the final design of the playground.

Construction is expected to start next May.

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