The best Legion costumes for adults of the 2000s, ranked

Between 1994 and 2007, the Legion of Superheroes went through several changes. After several decades of adventures, the original LSH was rebooted during the Hour H Event. This happened again in 2004 with the Threeboot version of the futuristic team of Mark Waid and Barry Kitson.

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In 2007, Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank resurrected the original team introduced in the 1958s. Adventure comics # 247. Now officially in their mid-twenties, their costumes have been altered to reflect 31st century fashion. Many of the tweaks were good news for Legion members who mixed these new styles with nostalgic touches.

ten Tyroc received a nice upgrade

Tyroc has received a good costume update for his reappearance.

Created by writer Cary Bates and artist Mike Grell, the legionary named Tyroc was one of DC’s first black superheroes. He actually predated Black Lightning by a year. Her original costume is inspired by remake illustrator Dave Cockrum made to many Legion outfits during his tenure with the team. It was mainly a one-piece leotard with a high neck and a laced V-neck.

When he returned in the sixth volume of Legion of superheroes (2010), Tyroc was given a more flexible costume. A red piece with white elements and three circles – one on the chest and two on the shoulders. It was a reminder of the hero’s old costume.

9 The Ultra Boy costume is a mix of previous incarnations

Jo Nah's costume was a mixture of recent incarnations.

The original Ultra Boy costume was a bit simple. A simple red tunic and green pants, her defining piece was her boots with the fancy red trim at the calf. However, these were rarely seen.

Artist Gary Frank gave Jo Nah a bit of flash when he reintroduced the adult version of this legionnaire in Superman and the Legion of Superheroes. It incorporated elements of the last two incarnations of the group. In particular, the sleeveless Ultra Boy look had in the team’s Threeboot version. Gloves are a nice touch because they protect his hands in case he doesn’t go from ultra-resistance to ultra-invulnerability fast enough.

8 Brainiac 5 has broadened its classic look

Brainy updated her classic look.

Querl Dox’s Legion costume isn’t really one. it’s a purple jumpsuit, something originally worn by the citizens of Colu when he became a Legionnaire. The only visible element is a yellow belt which contained its force field generator.

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The adult version of Brainiac 5 has a similar look. However, it is also a statement against the clothing decisions of others on Colu. These are standard unitards instead of Brainy’s padded turtleneck and mock neck jacket. He is not the only legionnaire to recall simpler times. Shadow Lass and Duplicate Damsel (formerly Duo Damsel) have also returned to long-standing outfits in their adult incarnation.

7 Old And New Mixed Sensor Girl In Her Costume

The new Sensor Girl costume mixes the old and the new.

In the 1980s, the Legionary Princess Projectra first retired from the team after the death of her husband Val Armorr, the team’s Karate Kid. However, she returned a few months later as the masked hero Sensor Girl. Only Saturn Girl knew who she was. The other legionaries did not realize until much later that it was their former colleague in a red and white cape.

Returning to the Legion in the sixth volume of the series, the hero mixes the old and the new. Less leggings and featuring an open space in the center of her tunic, Sensor Girl’s adult costume is not as conservative as the one she wore in the 2980s. Although initially shy, this costume now represents the openness of the hero.

6 Saturn Girl maintains a classic look

The Saturn Girl costume has a classic look.

With the exception of the 1970s “swimsuit” and her new 31st century look in the post-Doomsday Clock world, the Saturn Girl costume hasn’t changed much since the 1960s. The red and white pattern with a bust-height emblem of the planet in the rings is a classic design. This barely changed during the Zero Hour and Threeboot versions of the character.

On the contrary, the costume designed by Gary Frank is more fitted than the previous models. Plus, her shoulders are all white instead of a mix of tones. This is a good choice for a hero who is one of the founding members of the Legion.

5 Mon-El has a green lantern thing going on

Mon-El was briefly a green lantern

Mon-El got a power boost during the sixth volume of Legion of superheroes. Sodom Yat, the last surviving member of the Green Lantern Corps, has passed his ring on the villain-turned-legionary Earth Man. When he decided it was too much of a responsibility for him, the ring went to the already powerful Mon-El.

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As a result, the Legionnaire received a cool costume change. Instead of the normal green and black combination of the other lanterns, Mon-El’s outfit was all black. Green elements, including the lantern symbol, flowed down the center of his one-piece costume. A green cape completed the ensemble.

4 Dawnstar’s costume represented her growing importance in the Legion

Dawnstar's costume represented her more mature status.

Although Dawnstar disappeared from the second and third incarnations of the Legion, she literally came back with a bang in. Superman and the Legion of Superheroes. In fact, she was one of the first legionaries encountered by the Man of Steel when he landed in the 31st century version of Geoff Johns.

This winged hero has proven to be more than the Legion stalker. His natural leadership tendencies emerged during the team’s latest crisis. So her costume reflects this with a design similar to her original with brown highlights.

3 Cosmic boy costume reflects many ages

cosmic boy standing in front of a purple background

From its first appearance in Adventure comics, Cosmic Boy’s costume was pink and black. It suited him well. He returned to it after Dave Cockrum’s 1970s redesign, which was simply a top tube.

For reasons unknown, the artists of the second and third incarnations of the Legion put Cos in a blue and black outfit. Even though it was good, it didn’t have the oomph of its original. Gary Frank probably understood this when he created the new hero costume. It contained elements from all iterations of Cosmic Boy. However, it’s the person inside the outfit that matters.

2 Lightning Lad’s costume mimics his bad boy attitude

crouching scout

Garth Ranzz wasn’t known as the Legion’s bad boy on his first run. Sure, he had a bit of an attitude, but he was pretty blunt. This is especially true when he became a stay-at-home husband to his twin sons while his wife, Saturn Girl, returned to active Legion service.

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Yet in later incarnations of the Legion, Lightning Lad is revealed to be one of the Legion’s rebels. When Geoff Johns and Gary Frank reintroduced Garth, he came up with this attitude. Her costume, although similar to a design created in the 1970s that spanned decades, took her sleeves off. In turn, viewers got to see the Legion hero tattoo.

1 Wildfire’s new costume is similar to its Zero Hour counterpart

forest fire exploding invisible object

The original Wildfire costume, created by Dave Cockrum in the 1970s, never made sense. The hero is made of anti-energy, but his outfit appeared to be made from 30th century staple fibers. A tear and he was released into the air like a sledgehammer.

His new costume, presented in Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes makes more sense and is one of the coolest Legion updates for adults. With elements taken from the character’s second incarnation, the Wildfire costume is more of an armor. What’s great is that it reveals to the reader how much energy flows through their essence to create bundles of power.

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