The best Halloween costumes for your dog 2021

I was recently invited to a Halloween party for one night in late October. It’s at my best friend’s house and last year the party was great. I think he’s trying to make his house “THE house for the Halloween party”. I’m going to give it a lot of credit because it’s a great Halloween tradition. Last year there were 30 people in costume playing the flip cup, 15 people against 15 people, it was intense!

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So yeah, that’s when I start to think about what I should be for Halloween. I usually keep it simple and wear my bacon costume. When in doubt, pull out the bacon costume! However, I hope to change it this year, I don’t think I got any votes at the party for the best costume … It’s time to give it all this year!

At the party some of my friends were getting creative and dressing up with their dogs! I thought it would be awesome to put together the 20 best Halloween costumes for your Jersey Shore dog …

The 20 best Halloween costumes for your Jersey Shore dog

Which costume do you think was the best? Great job from! If there was one you would like to have for your dog, CLICK HERE!

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