The 10 most extravagant X-Men costumes of all time

The comic book history of the Hellfire Gala event is in full swing, and the X-Men have never looked better, with fantastic costumes inspired by high fashion. These are far from the most extravagant costumes the X-Men and other mutants have worn over the years, although some may even be conservative of looks from the past.

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While the Hellfire Gala looks are designed solely for this particular event, the X-Men have worn wild costumes on the pitch.

ten Kitty Pryde Kit-Bash

Kitty Pryde Costume

Kitty Pryde’s costume in the Hellfire Gala is suitably a kitbash of different influences. This is perhaps a less than subtle reference to one of his weirder costumes and those of the X-Men.

In Strange X-Men # 149, a young Kitty designs her own costume by putting together many different looks including roller skates and knee high socks. She also wore a very Batwoman domino mask from the Golden Age. It was the start of conflict for Kitty Pryde, a character who forever changed the X-Men and the comics.

9 More Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde becomes Darth Vader in Marvel Comics

Kitty was relentless in her bad fashion sense. Arguably she doesn’t have a signature look outside of her basic X-Men training uniform, but in Strange X-Men # 155, Kitty continues her quest to find the perfect costume.

In the process, she adopts a costume that is inspired a little by the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader. Kitty goes through several costumes in this sequence, including a variation of the Phoenix costume, a daring take on the look of Empress Shi’ar Lilandra, and finally, Lord Vader himself.

8 Magneto (80s)

A solemn Magneto awaits trial as the X-Men fight behind him.

Magneto has one of the most iconic costumes in all of comics. In the 1980s, when Magneto was arguably the healthiest, he adopted a new look that daringly departed from his original costume.

Magneto started wearing a sleeveless suit, all purple in color with a giant purple M spanning the tunic. It was a unique look, to say the least. This particular costume wouldn’t last that long. By the end of the 80s, Magneto was back in his usual outfit, which he has more or less worn since.

7 Rogue Green Sweater

Rogue fights Nightcrawler in X-Men Comics

Rogue has one of the most famous costumes in X-Men history, thanks to his’ 90s revamp by Jim Lee, but it’s been a long road to get there. She had many looks in the 80s, including this green sweater. While green and black have always been associated with her, this particular outfit ended up getting very dated.

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Rogue would try out several different costume styles even after his’ 90s look was successful, and his Hellfire Gala costume is yet another variation on his iconic green and black color scheme.

6 Polaris (90s)

Polaris uses his powers in X-Factor Comics

Polaris recently won the fan vote to join the new X-Men team, already one of the best X-Men lists in the comics. She’s also getting a new costume, which aptly eschews one of her weirder looks.

The mid-90s saw a lot of extreme looks for many superheroes and villains. Polaris underwent one of the most dramatic transformations of this period, ditching its previous green scheme for a bright gold and red look that really had little to do with its power or personality.

5 Sunspot (Reignfire)

Sunspot as Reignfire from Marvel Comics

Another victim of the ’90s extremes that defined the comic book era was Sunspot. Roberto De Costa has long been a hero of the New Mutants, but in the 90s an evil version of him, known as the Reignfire, emerged.

It is one of the most extravagant costumes of the time, defined by its many golden spikes and epaulettes. He also wore a massive orange cloak that possibly signified fire. It certainly would have been part of the extravagant costumes at the Hellfire Gala.

4 Cyclops (Dog)

Cyclops and Sue Storm as dogs from Marvel Comics

Cyclops has had a lot of looks over the years. One of his strangest is the Hound outfit he got while a prisoner of supervillain Ahab.

This character is back in the time of the Days of Future Past timeline and used his powers to not only make Cyclops one of his mutant hounds, but the Invisible Woman as well. Cyclops wore an armored suit, heavy on the epaulets and spikes, which would foreshadow the costumes of the early 90s a few years later.

3 X-Force

This particular aesthetic of ’90s design is perhaps best exemplified in the look of X-Force. This list was overloaded with epaulets, long hair and pockets. It was so prevalent that even the Hellfire Gala laughed at it with not-so-subtle reminders of the gala costume pockets.

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Everyone in Marvel Comics, DC, and Image seemed to be wearing the same type of costume back then, with endless belts and pouches. X-Force may have had the worst, though some of the looks from this era resonate in the current costumes of characters like Rictor and Siryn.

2 Cable (90s)

New Mutants 88 comic book cover cable

Perhaps the most ’90s costume belonged to Cable. His debut in the pages of New mutants kicked off the team’s evolution to X-Force and many ’90s dress trends in the comics.

Its original look was defined by its ubiquitous belts and pouches, as well as the shoulder pads on the seat cushions, which often got larger depending on who drew it. Her look is iconic, of course, but her weird first look falls far short of the realistic aesthetic the MCU seems to have influenced in Marvel Comics.

1 Wolverine (Croc)

Wolverine in his fang costume from Marvel Comics

Wolverine has been involved in funny comic book stories over the years. They don’t usually involve her costume. In this case of the Fang costume, it was a bit silly. Wolverine took this costume from a member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Fang, after defeating him.

The look was not popular, however, with its excessive emphasis on teeth and skulls. The look lasted for two issues in Uncanny X-Men # 106 and # 107, and Logan then reverted to his usual yellow and blue look for much of the early ’80s.

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