The 10 best March cabin designs are here to give you the perfect architectural escape!

I love every type of vacation, I have no prejudices against any, whether it’s on the beach, on top of a mountain, cruising in the middle of the ocean – every type of vacation has my heart. However, I have a weakness for cabin escapes! I would prefer nothing better than lounging in a peaceful little cabin nestled in the middle of the woods. Far from the world, society and the Internet! It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with nature, breathe in fresh oxygen and simply rejuvenate yourself with a clear mind and an even clearer environment. I’m not sure when I can embark on a chalet vacation next, but in anticipation of one, here is a list of the best cabin designs Yanko Design saw in March that are sure to give you the travel bug! From a chalet-style eco-hotel to a small pyramid-shaped cabin in the Finnish forest, we have an assortment of cabin designs to suit all your moods!

Cube Two is a 263 square foot home designed for the future and smart living. This modern compact house is a prefabricated structure which is already fitted with the latest household appliances which can all be controlled by an AI assistant named Canny. The exterior has smooth curved corners which give it a homey feel and the interior provides enough space for a family of four to live comfortably with two bedrooms and an open living room. To make it more spacious, there is a skylight that runs through the ceiling and floods the space with natural light, and also provides a beautiful backdrop of the night sky.

With two rounded roofs, the bulbous frame of the Willow stands out against the vast green lawn where it sits. From the outside, Sky Meadow Glamping’s The Willow appears as something straight out of a sci-fi cartoon, immediately enticing guests with its whimsical form. Placed directly in front of the tiny cabin’s wooden deck, two circular windows punctuate the front façade of the Willow and offer breathtaking views of the Pembroke countryside. Following the larger window inside the small cabin, guests are greeted with an open-story studio layout, featuring a living room complete with a TV and sofa, large kitchen and dining area, as well as a private bedroom, additional sleeping spaces, and bathroom.

The architectural CMF of the Nové Hamry weekend house by NEW HOME architects was inspired by the spruces that surround it, so there are lots of shades of gray and dark green. Weekend House Nové Hamry has connection points for solar panels and vertical wind turbines to make it self-sufficient in energy. The roof and most of the exterior are covered with a durable aluminum cladding in an anthracite color. It looks like oiled black wood and adds to the minimalist, modern and sleek aesthetic of the cabin. The area receives a lot of heavy snow, so to handle the load, the angular design also features a steeply pitched roof. The structure is constructed from cross-laminated timber panels.

Algorithms helped design the shape of this Japanese vacation retreat! Designed for idyllic Hokkaido in Japan, YEZO is a retreat that uses its spectacular scenery and an experimental design approach to create a sanctuary in nature. The overall design of the YEZO is a fusion of aesthetics and algorithms, optimized for manufacturing from a single mold to minimize environmental impact and reduce manufacturing costs and delivery times. It features a unique curved roof which not only creates a spacious interior, but even provides a channel for the central fireplace while creating a small patio / skylight in the process. The wooden roof shell structure, clad in regional black slate, consists of durable GluLam (glulam) timber beams suspended from a central concrete chimney. “YEZO’s GluLam curved beams are carefully formed to operate in sheer tension everywhere, resulting in 90% weight and material reductions compared to straight beams,” say Kristof and Julien, designers of the award-winning retreat. The YEZO Retreat is the winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for the year 2020.

Imagine a cabin that envelops you in the landscape thanks to its design – this is exactly the feeling that Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana imagined with his cabin design located on the edge of the mountains in Cuba! The unique cocoon-shaped structures are perched on giant boulders and each cabin spans an area of ​​150 m2. The curved wooden trellises sit on concrete platforms that match the gray tones of the cliff face, making the cabin look like it was born out of the rocks itself and levitates – I really love it when the designers pay attention. to the small details of their CMF, which makes their concept truly at one with the environment and it is visually soothing.

ZeroCabin wants to change the habits of its occupants by providing the tools to live sustainably. “It is not about ‘what happens if there is no water’, the questions nowadays should be ‘if water is scarce, are my habits according to the water available in where I live? If solar energy is not enough, are my consumption habits based on the energy available? The team adds, talking about the thought process behind the design. All ZeroCabins regardless of the modality you buy (turnkey or DIY) have a structural base that allows optimal capture of their only two entrances, just like trees: sun and rainwater. The cab maximizes oversized functionality, but includes a wide range of modifications you can make depending on the terrain you want to set it up on and as long as it’s aligned with their environmental guidelines.

Studio Puisto, a sustainable interior design studio based in Finland, recently launched the first prototype of cabins which will soon be part of a larger hospitality project called Kivijärvi Resort. The first completed hut in the complex is called Niliaitta, which refers to the traditional storage structure built at the end of a high pillar, used by the Sami people to store food and equipment, thus protecting them from starving wildlife or curious. In order to immerse guests of the Kivijärvi Resort in the elements of nature as safely, but as close as possible, Studio Puisto installed a floor-to-ceiling window that sits some distance from the deep gable roof of the cabin. From the front window of Niliaitta, guests enjoy the most dominant scenery as the cabin location has been deliberately chosen to provide the clearest views of the Finnish forest and the nearby body of water.

FLEXSE is a prefabricated aka tiny house micro-housing solution designed to fit ALL seasons, so even if a winter wonderland isn’t your thing, this cabin definitely will be. The modern and comfortable structure is built entirely from 100% recyclable materials and can be assembled in several parts on site or positioned on foundations, allowing it to be installed in remote areas, in the countryside or even on the ground. ‘water. Considering that the construction industry is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than aviation (12% vs. 2% – can you believe it?), It’s wonderful to see a green home all over the place. seasons. The first prototype was a small barbecue hut for the kitchen, and then the team made sure that it could also be adapted for different purposes – like a sauna, a guesthouse, a home office, etc. This ultimately led to FLEXE becoming a complete little house. One of its most distinct details is the circular window which almost makes the house feel like it has the most stylish eyeglass with a periscope-like view.

OFIS Arhitekti worked with local CBD structural engineers to develop the Kanin Winter Cabin, which is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions at its exposed site on Mount Kanin. This tiny 9.7 square meter cabin has a narrow floor plan containing three shelves in the form of a shelf and has dimensions of just 2.4 meters by 4.9 meters. It is made of a combination of cross-laminated wood panels, glass and aluminum.

Nestled just 20 minutes from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Casa Etérea offers breathtaking views of the volcanic and starry landscape. “The vision was to create a theater to nature, so sustainability was crucial to achieve a truly full integration with the environment,” says Ashoka. Not only does the glass and exterior of the mirror reflect the hillsides and mesquite trees, but a special patterned ultraviolet coating allows birds to see it as a structure that eliminates the risk of impact. The off-grid cabin comfortably accommodates two people in the 75 square meter space. It is powered 100% by solar panels and includes all the amenities for a comfortable stay like a king-size bed, luxurious living space, kitchen and utility room.

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