Thai government focuses on agricultural research for sustainable growth

The Department of Agriculture plans to establish a research team on economic crop breeding and genomic technologies to ensure the sustainability of Thai agriculture. The ministry would make the proposal at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) ministerial meeting on agriculture and food, chief executive Rapeepat Chansriwong said yesterday. He added that many laboratories need to be improved to enhance the agricultural potential of the country.

Rapeepat pointed to the value of durian exports since last year at over 800 billion baht, adding that durian is seen as Thailand’s identity and soft power. This year, Thailand would be able to harvest 1.2 million tonnes of durians, 270,000 tonnes of mangosteens, 1.5 million tonnes of longans and 280,000 tonnes of rambutans, he said.

Rapeepat added that the Covid-19 pandemic, including China’s Zero Covid policy, had severely affected Thai logistics. “In this regard, the department has cooperated with agriculture ambassadors around the world, especially in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, to improve regulations to facilitate exports,” he said.

He added that the department is working closely with related agencies on agricultural promotion, especially in Chanthaburi, Chumphon, Rayong and Trat provinces where durians are grown in large quantities.

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Lana T. Arthur