Teacher and artist Anne Yap transforms the meaning of art and craftsmanship into a strong bond with her children

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – London, UK June 7, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Anne Yap is a mother, writer, teacher and pianist who shares a keen interest in making various crafts and works of art. She teaches arts and crafts to children at home, a passion that started when she first started working.

Anne Yap’s date with crafts began when she discovered it was an effective stress reliever. His inspirations are not limited to any particular style; instead, she draws her taste and aesthetic from various websites and craft books like Martha Stewart and, of course, her children. Her inspiration for art comes from the various painting and art courses she has joined over the years which have allowed her to express her inner spirit through her creativity.

Anne Yap herself is a real inspiration to children as she motivates them to make art from the simplest resources. Crafts can be done with a few household supplies, and kids can make meaningful cards, balloon bouquets, or their own journal. Some of the works of art she has made include landscapes, such as the beach on a beautiful summer day where the different types of blue paint can be seen colliding with each other. Doing arts and crafts with her children also strengthens their relationship. Contact her via the email below to find out more.

E-mail: [email protected]

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