Tammy’s Dance Studio presents a spring recital

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May 7th was an evening of family, friends and dancing.

Tammy’s Dance Studio presented their annual Spring Recital in the Brownstown Central High School auditorium.

Here are the dancers and the routines they performed:

One Girl Revolution: Cora Bauman, Ava Blevins, Emme May, Keira Drake, Sawyer Ritz and Remy Goshorn

Flesh and Bone: Jade Ballard, Cosbee Baum, Elizabeth Rotert, Paisley Rotert, Sutter McKinney, Raelynn Hedrick, Zayley Castetter, Alexis Parker, Brialynn Davis and Anniston Taskey

Barbie Girl: Morgan Branaman and Jenna Bolte

Lion King: Kennedi Butler and Ella Blomenberg

You have a friend in me: Karlyn Martindale, Abby Schwade, Rossi Spencer, Charlotte Hampton, Claire Vaughn, Grace LeMarr, Nova Anderson, Addaley Taskey, Amellia Cummings and Lolah Cummings

Dig A Little Deeper: Kaylen Eddy, Bryn Brock, Cora Bauman, Willow Deck, and Kendal Mager

Getcha Head in the Game: Jenna Bracamonte, Kinzee Dean, Claire Elliott and Mylie Cummings

Beauty and the Beast: Laini Weddle, Cohen Cooper, Harper Rust, McKenna Hackman, Thea Metcalf and Lilly Jones

Problem: Hannah Baker and Jackie Rivera

Hey Mickey: Mia Cooper, Clara Adams, Lane Adams, Blair Sheldon, Frankie Wesner and Kendall Branaman

Supercalifragilisiticexpialidocious: Norah McKinney, Izabella Owens and Piper Owens

Roll the dice: Remy Goshorn, Keira Hatfield, Zoey Vaughn, Quinn Fritz, Lakota Fisher, Emme Mullins, Allison Schwade, Kaylen Eddy and Kylee Haynes

I want to be like you: Kennedi Butler, Everleigh Sterling, Sophia Doriot, Reace Norman, Katelyn Drake, Emma Doriot, Lilly Charlton and Abigail Watson

Cruella de Vil: Willow Deck, Reagan Reynolds, Olivia Blevins, Baylor Goshorn, Cassidy Couch, Kenley Fischer and Reagan Rudolph

Minnie’s Bow-tique: Morgan Berry, Delanie Wheeler, Ellamae Lewis, Nora Mager, Kaylee Fields and Allison Ault

Take Me: Claire Elliott, Emma Lucas and Kinzee Dean

Calling All Monsters: Everleigh Sterling, Lynnley Daraswad, Reace Norman, Skylee Murphy, Norah McKinney, Krista Wright and Madison Darlage

Zero to Hero: Kennedi Butler, Katelyn Drake, Liah Weddle, Ava Lee, Emma Doriot, Lilly Charlton and Sophie Doriot

Trashin ‘the Camp: Presley Hampton, Kayla Baker, Jenna Bolte, Kelis East, Eliana Baker and Morgan Branaman

At the end of the recital, certificates of participation and attendance were awarded.

Received door prizes Thea Metcalf, Lilly Jones, Zayley Castetter, Jade Ballard, Ellamae Lewis, Delanie Wheeler, Morgan Berry, Cora Bauman, Lane Adams, Piper Owens, Reace Norman, Lilly Charlton, Eliana Baker, Karlyn Martindale, Abby Schwade , Charlotte Hampton, Rossi Spencer, Keira Hatfield, Allison Schwade, Kylee Haynes, Quinn Fritz and Kenley Fischer.

Katelyn Drake, Ava Lee, Kayla Baker, Kelis East, Cohen Cooper, Cosbee Baum, Paisley Rotert, Elizabeth Rotert and Sutter McKinney received Perfect Attendance Awards.

At this time, Tammy’s Dance Studio is taking registrations for the next dance season.

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