Tales of Arise gets new video featuring costumes and bonus DLC music


Bandai Namco has released a new video on its next generations of Tales of Arise JRPGs, focusing on bonus DLCs including costumes and more.

Bandai Namco has released a new video about their next generations of JRPG Tales of Arise.

In the video, franchise producer Yusuke Tomizawa shows off some of the DLC that will be included as a bonus in special editions of the game.

We can see the costumes in battle and during the skits, plus a sample of the music packs that bring back the soundtrack from some of the beloved games in the series.

You can check it out below. Make sure to click on the “cc” button to enable closed captions.

Tales of Arise arrives September 10 (September 9 in Japan) on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you want to take another look at the game, you can enjoy the latest screenshots, the previous trailer, a lot of gameplay elements from a few weeks ago and another lot, more gameplay. recent, trailer featuring Shionne, one focused on Alphen, one featuring Law, one showing Rimwell, one with Kisara, video featuring the combat system, lots of gameplay, latest screenshots, trailer recent announcement, previous trailers and screenshots, more gameplay, another reveal including details on editions and bonuses, another trailer, one more, another promotional video in English, some screenshots screenshots and illustrations, the first batch of images and the original trailer.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can read an official description below and my hands-on preview.

“Tales of ARISE follows the story of Alphen, an iron masked individual whose home planet of Dahna has been enslaved and deprived of its natural resources for the past 300 years by the neighboring planet of Rena. As Alphen fights to free his people, he meets Shionne, a daughter of Rena who is fleeing from her compatriots. Alphen and Shionne will be joined throughout the journey by a group of support characters to help them in their fight for freedom.

Tales of ARISE carries the DNA of the famous Tales of franchise while introducing advanced graphics and an evolved combat system to help move the series forward into the future. A new “Atmospheric Shader” developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios adds subtle touches to the look and feel of the world reminiscent of a hand-drawn painting. Combat has also evolved, allowing for a better sense of spectacle and direct feedback from players based on their actions. The graphics, combat system, characters, and story all work together to present a living, realized world that will immerse players as they are transported to the many environments and biomes they explore throughout. throughout their time with Tales of ARISE.

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