Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute develops disease-resistant, flood-resistant potato

The Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute has created a disease- and flood-resistant potato cultivar. It could help alleviate a global shortage of the crop amid climate change Institute officials said the potato was created through a program of crossing the Atlantic potato and varieties High Yield, which he conducted from 2016 to 2019.

The resulting cultivar, named Tainung No. 4, is tolerant of wet conditions, resistant to disease and easy to process – all desirable qualities for large-scale food production and organic farming.

Potatoes of the new cultivar Tainung No. 4.
Image: Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute

Tainung No. 4 was patented last month by the Agriculture and Food Agency, and the institute said it plans to start working with township farmers to plant it year-round. next.

An important measure of potato quality is dry matter content, which refers to the percentage of a potato’s weight that remains after water is removed from it, the institute said. Tainung No. 4 has a dry matter content of 22%, about the same as its parent, the Atlantic potato, which is considered a quality crop, and higher than that of the widely planted Kennebec potato at 19%.

Tainung potatoes are uniform in size and around 70% of the yield are large marketable tubers, while their low sugar content means they do not brown easily when fried.

Source: taipeitimes.com

Lana T. Arthur