Suhaimi Yusof posts funny Malaysian costume meme following standee Hari Raya saga, Singapore News

Controversy surrounding the People’s Association (PA) continues to simmer online as local actor-comedian Suhaimi Yusof posted on Instagram on Monday, May 31, a funny meme of himself wearing different Malaysian costumes.

Recently, PA apologized for using a wedding photograph of a Malaysian-Muslim couple as an unauthorized standing traveler – which was part of Hari Raya’s decorations at a Tiong Bahru Housing Council housing estate.

While some netizens have raised this lack of cultural sensitivity by mistakenly using a wedding costume for Hari Raya Aidilfitri’s celebrations, Suhaimi’s post suggested that it was simply the use of a “wrong costume.” for the wrong occasion “.

The 51-year-old post, with over 3,000 likes, consists of a five-image collage titled “Malay Costumes in a Nutshell”.

Suhaimi is the centerpiece of the five photos – wearing different costumes. He kindly indicated which costume best suited which occasion.


The five specific occasions he listed were: “When I marry someone”, “When I marry someone”, “When I celebrate Hari Raya”, “When I exhibit martial arts” and ” When I make a mistake “.

In the post, the caption said he understood why the Malaysian-Muslim community is upset by the PA’s recent mistake. He said, “Well everyone makes mistakes. Look on the bright side, now we know each other better. “

Some said they could count on the actor-comedian to do a PSA with a dose of humor.

Suhaimi added, “To our non-Malaysian friends, we’ve now learned that – it’s a different outfit for a different occasion because it gives a different meaning to a different celebration,” the post said.

He ended his message by thanking and said insolently, “Next time don’t cut your face without permission lah.”

The Palestinian Authority has since apologized for its mistake, saying it takes these violations seriously. He said, “We will take steps to guide and help our staff, where possible, as well as external vendors, to be more culturally responsive and sensitive.”

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