Stunning X-Men Variant Cover Features Marvel Comics Storm Costumes

Marvel superstar artist Russell Dauterman produced a stunning X-Men variant cover featuring some of Storm’s most iconic costumes.

The Last Artist of Marvel Comics Superstar Russell Dauterman X Men variant cover showcases Stormdifferent costumes from its comic history. The original teen squad may have debuted in cute yellow and blue uniforms, but over the decades the X-Men have become associated with some of the finest superhero costumes of all. time.

Ororo Munroe, better known as the Time Goddess Storm, is one of the most notable mutant heroes. Most of her costumes have been stunning and regal, with Marvel gleefully breaking their unofficial “No Capes” rule in order to create beautiful designs. In fact, one comic claimed that the capes helped Storm fly by catching the wind she summoned, but this was quickly forgotten and she has since been seen flying in civilian clothes countless times. But Storm is also well known for a Mohawk phase, ditching her standard look for something a little more punk – and eliciting a horrified reaction from a young Kitty Pryde.

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Artist Russell dauterman shared the cover on Twitter, revealing it as the latest in his celebration of X-Men history with a range of variant covers for different books, recently celebrating Rogue’s costume history in the same style. Its cover for SWORD # 8 shows off a number of Storm’s most iconic designs, although in this case he was forced to show only a limited selection – simply because Storm had too many different looks.

Russell Dauterman Storm X-Men cover

Dauterman’s method is to draw the body just once, then change it with different outfits and hairstyles; this explains why some of Storm’s more random phases, such as the time she spent transforming into a child, are not shown. The most unfortunate omission, however, is Storm’s beautiful wedding dress, which she wore. Black Panther # 18 when she married Black Panther. It was one of the most amazing dresses ever seen in the comics, and it was designed by Shawn Dudley, the Emmy Award-winning costume designer for TVs. Guiding light.

Still, Dauterman captured some of Storm’s most memorable costumes. Interestingly, he chose to put Jim Lee’s design in the center, acknowledging that it’s the one that many X-Men fans know best – if only to X-Men: The Animated Series. His Second Genesis costume also takes pride of place, probably the second best known. But it’s likely that many casual readers will be surprised by a background image, which shows Storm as a literal goddess in armor who is distinctly Asgardian in style. Storm indeed wielded an enchanted hammer named Stormbringer, although her power was ultimately spent when she defeated the death god Uovu. It’s details like this that will make variant cover essential for fans of X Men and Storm when he goes out with SWORD # 8 in September.

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