Stolen Sesame Street ‘Big Bird’ costume returned to Adelaide Circus, thieves leave apology note

The return of a “Big Bird” costume from Sesame Street brought “the good days” back to a circus in South Australia. The famous yellow suit worth around AUD 160,000 was stolen earlier this week. It was made intact Wednesday morning by the self-proclaimed. “Big Bird Bandits”.

According to The Guardian report, the two-inch-tall bright yellow ostrich feather suit was found abandoned in Bonython Park in the wee hours of Thursday morning, with a note stating that “no harm” had come to “Mr. Bird ”. The self-proclaimed thieves returned the costume and apologized to the circus owners in a note left in the bird’s beak.

The report also cited that South Australian police were called to the Sesame Street Circus Spectacular in Adelaide, after two men were seen wearing what appeared to be the missing costume early Wednesday morning. However, the costume was found thrown near an electrical box outside the circus and two unidentified men were seen wearing it and fled across the road.

The report further mentioned that police patrols had arrived in the area and got hold of the stolen costume, which had a “letter of apology” in its mouth. The note, signed by “The Big Bird Bandits”, begins by apologizing for taking the costume, and explains that they were trying to cheer themselves up.

The couple also assured the circus owners that they had done no harm to Big Bird, they had a great time with “Mr Bird” and made sure that “no harm comes to our friend”. the “bandits” have canceled their signatures.

The costume is the only one of its kind in the show, stolen from New York to participate in the circus with lawful custody. In a statement, police said they searched the area using police dog patrols, but were unable to locate the two men. While authorities have confirmed that the bird was not damaged during the ordeal and that an investigation into the theft is underway.

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