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Spring has arrived, and don’t these artists and craftsmen in the Hudson Valley know it. Find what you need and support local designers by browsing products offered by hundreds of artists at Hudson Valley arts and craft fairs and markets. Celebrate Memorial Day weekend by visiting a contemporary rural art exhibit or purchasing a one-of-a-kind vintage Father’s Day gift for a pop-up antique sale. The following events are all outdoors, held in places like orchards and riverside parks where you can enjoy the warmer weather. Most of the events listed only last a few days, so don’t miss them.

Vintage Northern State Antiques Show / May 22

Vintage Northern State Antique Show announces their first show of 2021, a one-day special called ‘Racing To Spring’. It’s a celebration of the collectors, dealers and makers of vintage and antiques in upstate New York. Collectors and manufacturers will present their products under small white tents scattered across the grassy lawn of the Stone Ridge Orchard. Up for grabs are vintage blouses, jackets, jeans, urns, books, tote bags, vinyl records, and even knife sets. The show is hosted by Amy Abrams, founder of the Artists and chips markets in SoHo and Williamsburg. The goal of the Upstate Vintage Antique Show is to provide a beautiful outdoor experience, inviting guests to embrace their surroundings and re-engage with the natural world – a mission of particular importance during COVID-19. Customers can browse dozens of antique and vintage products amid refreshing outdoor landscapes. Last year the show hosted 40 different vendors. The Upstate Vintage Antique Show is open on May 22 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All NY Modern Makers Market / May 22 and 23

More than 100 artists, manufacturers and artisans bring their products to the All NY Modern Makers Market, a two-day event on the banks of the Hudson River in Beacon. Hosted by Hops on Hudson, the mission of this event is both to stimulate the economy of creators who lacked income due to COVID-19 and to support the New York economy in general. The festival features both aesthetic creations, such as ceramic dishes, hand-painted glassware, visual artwork, jewelry and handcrafted furniture, as well as edible creations, such as Specialty hot sauces, honeys, granola and artisanal spirits. Several catering trucks will be on site; grab your food and picnic by the Hudson River while listening to live music. Browse the works of art made through several mediums, be it pottery, painting, weaving, metallurgy or engraving. The All NY Modern Makers Market is open May 22-23 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

40th Annual Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Crafts Fair / May 29-May 31

Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Crafts Fair was voted the second best exhibition of classical and contemporary art nationwide by Sunshine Artist Magazine, America’s premier arts and crafts magazine. It continues to attract quality artists and artisans from across the country and tens of thousands of visitors each year. This year, the fair showcases the work of over 100 artists and designers while offering gourmet food and drinks, performances and artist demonstrations. The event was founded by Neil and Scott Rubenstein in the early 1980s, two carpenters who traveled to the North East to showcase their work at several craft shows. As young fathers, they both wanted to continue their craft work while supporting their families. They created the fair, which is being held for the 40th year this Memorial Day weekend. The Woodstock-New Paltz Art & Crafts Fair is open May 29 and 30, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and May 31, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Phenicia Flea / May 29 and 30

The iconic Phenicia chip is a mobile market of manufacturers and merchants primarily from the Catskills and the Hudson Valley. Each month they appear at a new location in the region. This Memorial Day weekend is at Scribner’s Catskill Lodge in Hunter. The market offers products such as nature books and jigsaw puzzles. Chicory naturalist and clothing on the theme of the north of the state Peak Goods Co., a brand dedicated to printing Catskills on everyday clothes. Customers can have lunch and sit at picnic tables surrounded on either side by rows of artisan stalls. On the weekend of July 4th, the market will take place at the Catskill Brewery in Livingston Manor. Other upcoming summer locations include Fromer Market Gardens and Brewing Company of Industrial Arts. Catch that chip before it moves again! The Phenicia flea market will take place at Scribner’s on May 29 and 30, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Upstate Diary “ART + NATURE + HOME” and ART TREK / May 29-June 13

Northern State Journal, a publication presenting the homes and lifestyles of rural creators, is hosting its first art and design exhibition: “ART + NATURE + HOME”. Installation is done in person at Foreland at Catskill, a five-story collection of artist studios, galleries and a thriving contemporary art campus. The show is also visible online with a exposure test, “In the Wheelhouse,” written by Glenn Adamson. Many objects have been created specifically for this exhibition by some of the region’s most acclaimed artists, such as Paula Hayes, a visual artist, and Kat Howard, a fiber artist. The exhibition will also feature a panel of design experts. In addition to ART + NATURE + HOME, Upstate Diary hosts ART TREK, a Memorial Day weekend self-guided tour of favorite art publications and exhibitions in the Hudson Valley. The visit includes Omi Art, a non-profit arts center with a park and a sculpture and architecture gallery, and Stoneleaf Retreat, an artist residency and a creative community space focused on supporting women and families. The “ART + NATURE + HOME” exhibition will take place in person and online from May 29 to June 13.

Field + Supply Mini Markets / Sundays until September 5

This year, Field + Supply will skip the big biannual blowout at Hutton Brickyards, but the Craft Fair has a new series of summer events: Mini MRKT F + S, which will take place every Sunday. This scaled-down version of the fair features a selection of manufacturers, artisans and designers from Field + Supply in the Uptown Kingston shopping district. Enter the corner of Crown and John Streets to see artisanal goods ranging from wood and ceramic cookware to woven shoes and beard oil. Field + Supply showcases artists from the Hudson Valley on their social media, such as Helen Prior, ceramist and textile designer whose work focuses on the beauty of local plants, and Demetria Chappo, a ceramist who creates each piece by hand. The F + S mini markets are open on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. until September 5.

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