Southeast Texas Art Museum hosts first in-person family arts day since pandemic began

Over the past year, Kayley Thompson and the Southeast Texas Art Museum have adjusted their quarterly in-person Family Art Days to bring arts and crafts home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But on Saturday, Thompson, the public relations coordinator for the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, and the rest of the volunteer staff helped organize the first in-person family arts day since the start of the pandemic.

“We are very happy to have this event again,” said Thompson. “The weather is perfect and people can take a distance, feel safe and do artistic activities.

“We’re here to have a good time. We are very pleased with the number of people who have come today, especially since this is our first in-person (event) in quite some time.

Thompson added that many of the Saturday attendees were returning guests from previous family art days.

A constant stream of children and their parents gathered at one of the five stations spread across the square in front of the museum.

Participants were able to participate in the creation of styro prints – which is a form of etching – collages, stamp station, plated portraits and were encouraged to use sidewalk chalk on any open concrete they saw. .

Bryan Davis, who first came to one of the Southeast Texas Art Museum’s family art shows with his wife and 6-year-old daughter Mila, said they enjoyed the time spent outdoors on such a beautiful, hot day.

“So far so good. It gives (Mila) the chance to go out on the weekends and do some of the activities at school that she might not have the opportunity to do at home. “Davis said.” She loves it and she has the opportunity to draw and be creative. I never knew she was such a good artist.

Saturday’s theme for Family Art Day was not random, but in fact, volunteer museum staff specifically organized each station to coincide with the exhibit on display inside the museum. Each of the stations contained material from the Conjure exhibition by Delita Martin.

Thompson said Martin’s range is on display throughout the show.

“Her exhibit is made up of these life-size portraits of black women,” Thompson said of Martin, an artist based in Huffman.

“They include the colors and symbols associated with everyday life. She uses a lot of blue pots, birds and mason.

“It’s a very layered work because she also does engraving, drawing, painting and sewing in her prints. They are simply breathtaking to see in person because there is so much depth to his work.

The Martin’s Conjure exhibition will be on display until May 23. The exhibition, along with the museum, is free every day.

The museum has not announced its next family arts day.

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