SNL Makes Perfect Copy Of Michael Jordan Quarters Game In Extended ‘The Last Dance’ Look

Saturday Night Live aimed The last dance in his last episode. Hosted by actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key, SNL featured a sketch in which Peele played Michael Jordan in what was billed as a deleted series in The last dance, which aired on ESPN last year. The sketch shows an expanded version of the famous docuseries scene in which Jordan loses a game of quarterback to a United Center security guard, who celebrates the victory with Jordan’s infamous shrug.

But Jordan wasn’t going to let go that easily. The sketch version shows John Michael Wozniak, played by SNL Heidi Gardner, winning a $ 5 game but then losing $ 9,000. Charles Barkley, played by Keenan Thompson shows up and Wozniak continues to lose. When all was said and done, Wozniak was left with next to nothing.

While Jordan didn’t push his competitive spirit that far, he was one of the most competitive athletes in NBA history, which is one of the reasons he was so successful. In The last dance, Jordan explained how his intensity came at the expense of not being as pleasant as expected.

“Look, winning has a price,” Jordan said by NBC Sports Chicago. “And leadership comes at a price. So I coached people when they didn’t want to be shot. I challenged people when they didn’t want to be challenged. And I deserved this right because my teammates who came after me didn’t endure all the things that I endured. Once you joined the team, you lived to a certain level that I played the game. And I wasn’t going to take less. Now if that meant I had to go out there and get my ass up a bit, then I did.

Jordan was intense while playing the game, but that intensity and competitive spirit was one of the main reasons the Chicago Bulls were able to win six NBA titles in eight years during the 1990s. And not only were the Bulls one of the best teams of the time, but Jordan was also the best player in the NBA, winning five MVP awards in 10 years (1988-1998). He has also been named the NBA Finals MVP six times and has been selected to play in the All-Star Game 14 times.

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