Simple letter V activities for preschool kids

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Vehicles, Vikings, volcanoes, Oh my! We have a collection of letter V crafts that will blow your mind – or at least your preschooler’s. When your little one is learning to read, letter recognition is one of the most vital steps. And you can help your kid learn to recognize the letter V with the craft ideas we’ve gathered below.

Want some more tips for creating a language-rich home? Read with your kids anytime, anywhere. Seriously, if you can manage 10 minutes while the water is boiling for dinner or just listen to an audiobook on the way to soccer practice, do it. Also underline the letters and words during your day: the stop sign, the store logos, the instructions on the box of macaroni. Show your children how words are an integral part of our daily life. Making these little efforts will go a long way in uplifting a reader.

When you’re ready for even more alphabet inspired activities, check out our letter A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, L, M, N, O, P, Q , R, S, T and U craft pages too! Now let’s start with some dynamic letter V trades.

Fun letter V crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

1. V is for vase – All Kids Network

All you need is paper, scissors, glue and crayons for this adorable V letter vase from All Kids Network. It is also a great gift for holidays and birthdays.

2. The song of the letter V – ABC Mouse

Sing and dance the day away with ABC Mouse on YouTube. When you are done learning all about the letter V through music, have your child draw their favorite things that start with V. This activity will keep your children busy and engaged all afternoon.

3. How to Draw a Viking – Art for Kids Hub

Did you know the Vikings made their own ships? These mighty warriors were incredible craftsmen as well. Learn how to draw a Viking in the video with Art for Kids Hub below.

4. Letter V vase – Activities for children

Here’s another handcrafted vase for toddlers and preschoolers – perfect for teaching the letter V. Decorate with colorful flowers and proudly display on the fridge! Best part? All you need are a few simple supplies and about an hour to start crafting.

5. All about volcanoes – SciShow Kids

Learn all about the science of volcanoes in the SciShow Kids video below. When you are finished watching the video, have your toddler draw a picture showing what he has learned.

6. How to Draw a Vampire (Folding Surprise!) – Art for Kids Hub

If you’re working on the letter V around Halloween, check out this Art for Kids Hub tutorial on kid-friendly drawing of a vampire. Super fun and a little scary! What could be better ?!

7. Vehicle Crafts for Kids – Little Giants

V is for vehicle – vroom, vroom! Little Giants has a paper craft tutorial that teaches kids how to assemble cars and trucks that they can drive around the house. See below.

8. Popsicle Stick Vase Crafts – Easy Crafts For Kids

This popsicle stick vase is perfect for Mother’s Day or any special occasion where you and your kids want to share your love through beautiful, cool, or fake! – flowers.

9. Science Experiment on Volcanoes for Kids – Ryan’s World

Did you ever make a papier-mâché volcano when you were a child? If so, you know how fun it can be to watch it pop! Ryan’s World has a fantastic tutorial where you can also make some fun science memories with your little one.

10. Experiment on the erupting volcano – The Science Kid

Speaking of volcanoes tutorials, The Science Kid has another engaging tutorial here. If you enjoyed doing the one from Ryan’s World, try this one too!

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