Shanghai Disneyland shares more information on new character costumes to be seen at 5th anniversary celebrations

Today, the Disney Parks Blog shared a bit more about what happened in the process of designing the new costumes the characters will wear during the Shanghai Disneyland 5th anniversary celebrations.

What is happening:

  • Guests of the Shanghai Disney Resort will notice Mickey and his friends sporting a festive new look that pays homage to their 5th anniversary. Inspired by the enchanted castle and the concept of “endless surprises”, the costumes of actors and characters add an extra touch to the Year of Magical Surprises.
  • Take a look behind the scenes with the Shanghai Disney Resort Costuming team:
    • Kenneth Leung, Costume Director
    • Chin Yeh, main client
    • Joy Yan, client
    • Nick Xu, regional director of the labor room
  • Together, the group details what it takes to bring these special creations to life.
  • Be sure to check out the costumes in action as the cast members and some of your favorite Disney friends strut the catwalk in the video above.
  • the Disney Parks Blog asked the creative team about the new Shanghai Disneyland costumes:

Tell us more about the design of these 5th anniversary costumes.

Kenneth: It was a great journey that started 20 months ago, in the summer of 2019. We spent almost five months on concept development, costume design, selection and manufacturing development, and four other months on a large amount of patterns, muslin mockups and prototype building, with fittings, modifications and revisions before going into production.

The key concept was inspired by our fascinating castle of enchanted tales and the concept of “endless surprises”. The 5th Anniversary celebration is unique, charming and memorable, and the most charming hosts of this celebration, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, have prepared many magical surprises inside every room of the castle for our guests. Guests will also find that the colors of Mickey and Friends costumes were designed in pairs, while at the same time, we use the general colors of ivory and champagne to unify all of their costumes.

Pseudo: The studio is responsible for the production of clothing. Whenever we receive a new project, we have to research the characteristics of the fabric and decide on the corresponding accessories and manufacturing requirements accordingly. It usually takes several rounds of experiments and adjustments before making a final decision. The production of the 5th anniversary costumes, from building the models and making the samples to the final production, took 11 months and 9,980 man hours. In total, 23 teams were involved in this project.

Which characters have new costumes for the 5th anniversary?

Chin: Mickey and Friends including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Goofy, Chip ‘n’ Dale, as well as Duffy and Friends including Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, StellaLou, CookieAnn and ‘Olu Mel.

What is the significance of the ivory and champagne color palette?

Chin: The Enchanted Castle from the Storybook is a landmark of Shanghai Disneyland. Inspired by the castle, we wanted to incorporate classic and royal elements into the character costumes. Cream and ivory color is a good choice to express such a tone, while champagne color is extremely elegant and often used in gift ribbons. We wanted to give the costumes as a gift to our guests.

What was the inspiration behind these costumes?

Chin: You will see the ivory color scheme with different colors on the character costumes including purple, red, blue, green, and others. Each color has been highlighted separately on different characters and as a whole creates a “harmony” with all the characters together. This notion is inspired by the Eastern philosophy of harmony with the five elements. The five elements are represented by different colors, emphasizing a harmonious relationship with the natural world.

Joy: The whole design concept is inspired by harmony, while the style is inspired by Art Deco. You can see a lot of lines and the use of gradient colors in the design. We wanted to help create a festive atmosphere so that the guests who see the costumes are immersed in the festivities.

How do these costumes evoke the anniversary theme of “Magical Surprises?”

Kenneth: Many festival elements can be found in our creations: ruffled ribbons, “5” logos hidden on brooches and buttons, the progressive color palette on the dresses representing different levels of unforeseeable magical surprises.

Chin: The best gifts are always the most surprising. We use champagne gold to create decorative ribbons to “wrap” everyone together as exquisite gifts to provide elegant image and festive atmosphere to our guests.

It was remarkable to see these beautiful costumes in action! What was it like going on a fashion show with these costumes on?

Chin: It was a pleasure and an honor to participate in the fashion show as a Disney costume designer and to represent the Shanghai Disney Resort Costuming team to present this collection. The whole process was a lot of fun. I was so happy to see all the characters shine with their brand new look, and the excitement and joy of the audience.

Joy: I was so excited and proud of it. We have represented the backstage team and we hope they will be noticed by our guests.

pseudo: It’s the first time I’ve worked on stage. It was a very rare opportunity and experience for me. I was very happy and my daughter, family and friends were also happy and proud of me. Disney is a place where we create magic, and that magic will certainly bring continued power to my future work.

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