Services dominate, but Latvia retains a relatively large agricultural sector / Article

Services accounted for 73% of total EU GVA, followed by industry and construction (25%) and agriculture (2%), while in Latvia the equivalent figures were 73% , 22.4% and 4.6%.

While agriculture represented only a small part of the European GVA, the highest shares were recorded in Greece and Latvia, followed by Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia and Greece. Lithuania (all 4%). On the other hand, agriculture had the lowest share of total GVA in countries like Luxembourg, Malta, Belgium and Germany where it was less than 1%.

If we consider the number of people employed in each sector, Latvian agriculture becomes even more important. Agriculture represents 7.5% of the working population, industry and construction 23.4% and services 69%. The equivalent EU average figures are 4.5%, 22.5% and 72.9%.

In all EU countries, services have the most weight in the economy, varying between 58% in Ireland and 87% in Luxembourg. Topping the list, after Luxembourg, were Malta (85%) and Cyprus (84%), while Poland (66%), as well as the Czech Republic and Slovenia (64% each) came at the other end. of the scale. , before Ireland (58%).

Activities related to industry and construction occupied an important place in the economies of Ireland (41%), Czechia (34%), Slovenia (33%), Poland and Slovakia (both with 31 %).

Services, Industry and construction, Agriculture 2020

Photo: Eurostat

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