Self-proclaimed ‘Big Bird Bandits’ Return $ 160,000 Costume to Adelaide Circus | Adelaide

A $ 160,000 Big Bird costume was returned after it was stolen from an Adelaide circus by the self-proclaimed “Big Bird Bandits”.

The 213cm tall bright yellow costume, believed to have been made of ostrich feathers, was found discarded near the southwest end of the circus, with a note saying “no harm” had come to “Mr. Bird ”.

South Australian Police were called to the Sesame Street Circus Spectacular in Port Road, Thebarton, after two men were seen wearing what appeared to be the missing costume early Wednesday morning.

The stolen Big Bird costume
Big Bird’s stolen costume has been returned to South Australian police. Photograph: Supplied, South Australian Police

Police said the costume was thrown near an electrical box outside the circus and the two men wearing it fled across Port Road.

Patrols descended on the area and obtained the stolen costume, which contained a “letter of apology” in the bill.

A note that was with Big Bird's stolen costume.
A note that was with Big Bird’s stolen costume. Photograph: South Australian Police

The note, which is signed by “The Big Bird Bandits”, begins by apologizing for taking the costume, and explains that the “bandits” were just trying to cheer themselves up.

“We had no idea what we were doing or what our actions would cause.

“We were just having a rough time and trying to cheer ourselves up,

“We had a great time with Mr. Bird, he’s a great guy and no harm came to our friend.”

Just before signing, the writers apologized for being “such a big bird”.

Police said in a statement that they searched the area using police dog patrols, but were unable to locate the two men.

Circus director Keith Brown told ABC Radio Adelaide that a trail of feathers was left by the “bandits”.

“He lost some feathers going down the road.”

“We all live there, it’s a traveling show. This is the first time Sesame Street has joined the circus – we have to remember that this is an international circus show.

The gigantic costume was flown in from New York to participate in the circus. Authorities have confirmed that the bird was not damaged during the ordeal.

The theft investigation is ongoing and police have said they suspect the “bandits” stole the suit between Sunday afternoon April 18 and Monday morning April 19.

Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers.

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