RUDILAC hails the role of women in agriculture – The Sun Nigeria

From Ighomuaye Lucky, Benin

The Rural Development, Information and Legal Advocacy Center (RUDILAC) in collaboration with Freedom of Information (FOI) Advocate President Aigbokhan yesterday hailed the contributory role of women in the agricultural sector saying that they have remained the human link between the farm and the table

The Executive Director of RUDILAC, President Aigbokhan revealed this while addressing a group of women farmers in Ologbo, Edo State.

Aigbokhan, while citing a World Bank report, said women are the backbone of the rural economy, especially in developing countries.

He said the World Bank said women make up almost half of the world’s farmers and the number of farms headed by women has continued to rise due to a similar increase in the number of households headed. by women, caused by migration and other social and cultural factors. .

The Executive Director of RUDILAC added that it is in realizing the role of women in rural areas and development that RUDILAC, with the support of FOI Counsel, undertook a strategic needs assessment and mapping mission in the Duchy of Ologbo to determine, among other things, the impact of rural women. in the socio-economic development of the community.

He lamented that despite the role of women in food production globally, in Edo State, due to the presence of some multinational corporations occupying the land, women were denied the opportunity to fully engage in agriculture.

“Women are the primary caregivers of families and communities, they provide food and nutrition, and they are the human link between the farm and the table.

“Ologbo being an oil rich community in Edo State with 37 oil wells and home to several multinational corporations like PRESCO, NNPC, Osisiomo Power Station among others but no model school and center for health and even worse, no female farmers have been identified due to corporate takeover of farmland.

“It undoubtedly has a huge impact on your income and your purchasing power. We will continue to engage the government until there is a participatory model of land acquisition and the economic empowerment of rural women “, did he declare.

Lana T. Arthur