QU and Mutah University of Jordan strengthen cooperation in agricultural research

Doha: Qatar University (QU) and Mutah University of Jordan have signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation in the fields of agricultural education, teaching, research and training in the local and Arab community service.

QU President Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al Derham and Mutah University President Dr. Arafat Atwi Awajan signed the agreement in the presence of several officials from the two universities.

The two parties have agreed to cooperate in the field of scientific research in the agricultural field, by encouraging the professors of the two institutions to take sabbatical leaves for teaching and scientific research according to the capacities available to each of them, in in addition to exchanging professors and experts, by organizing exchange sessions on agreed themes and by supervising university theses at master’s and doctoral level in various programs.

In addition, the agreement provides for encouraging faculty members and their researchers to conduct joint scientific research, exchanging scientific research articles and academic theses, and encouraging their faculty members to publish their research in their journals.

In a statement on the occasion, QU President Dr. Hassan bin Rashid Al Derham praised the level of Jordanian universities and their great scientific role, saying that this agreement with a former university is important for QU in a vital field, which is the agricultural domain. . He explained that QU is seeking to enter into partnership and cooperation agreements in other scientific and research fields with Mutah University, and to expand scientific cooperation in the field of higher education, technologies, cybersecurity. and other important disciplines.

In turn, the President of Mutah University, Dr. Arafat Atwi Awajan, appreciated this cooperation with QU, stressing its importance in strengthening cooperation in an area vital to Arab security, which is the agricultural sector. He added that Mutah University has great experiences in the field of agricultural production and research related to tackling water scarcity and the quality of agricultural production.

He hailed QU’s vital role and advanced position among international universities, stressing that this agreement will positively affect scientific and research cooperation between the two universities. He pointed out that Mutah University aims to deepen scientific research to solve agricultural problems and scarcity of water resources to achieve agricultural production by relying on automation and benefiting from the experiences and knowledge of 60 years in this field.

Lana T. Arthur