Punjab Agriculture Secretary Ahmad Aziz Tarar visited Ayub Agricultural Research Institute in Faisalabad.

Briefing on research activities and agricultural projects. Agriculture Secretary Punjab Ahmad Aziz Tar while chairing a meeting held at Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad regarding ongoing research activities said agricultural scientists are focusing on development of new varieties of wheat, cotton, paddy and maize taking into account climate change.

Accelerate research into new varieties of forage, fruits, vegetables and legumes and introduce new crop varieties and modern production technologies to increase yield per acre using fewer agricultural inputs. He urged agricultural scientists to quickly achieve the set goals of agricultural research projects and utilize all resources for the benefit of farmers. Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, The research process for the production of new varieties of dates, peaches and flowers and to increase their shelf life should be accelerated in order to increase their export and earn maximum foreign exchange . Enjoying research work, he led agri. Scientists to make it more effective for the farming community. The Punjab Agriculture Secretary has emphasized promoting the cultivation of profitable new crops amid climate change and ordered to take more measures for the welfare of farmers so that their incomes can increase. He further stated that he will do his best to solve the basic problems of agronomists and that his doors are always open to agronomists. He also suggested creating a community center for the welfare of agronomists.

He further stated that the developed varieties of wheat, sugarcane, citrus and other crops are unmatched, so quality seeds of all these varieties should be delivered to farmers’ doorsteps. The secretary said a comprehensive strategy should be formulated to deal with the current flood situation and climate change and farmers should be guided for the timely cultivation of wheat in a larger area. The AARI Chief Scientist gave a detailed briefing to the Secretary of Agriculture on ongoing research activities in the agricultural sector and said that agricultural scientists have brought innovations in the agricultural research process to address the adverse effects climate change, with encouraging results. Production per acre will increase due to lower production costs. The economic prosperity of farmers is our first duty. He further informed that 100% of the total cultivated area of ​​Punjab, 99% of the paddy, 99% of the wheat and 84% of the sugarcane are grown in the varieties introduced by the Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, Faisalabad. He said that agricultural self-sufficiency will not only be possible through these profitable crops, but the country’s economy will also be stabilized by obtaining valuable foreign exchange.

Lana T. Arthur