Protecting the future interests of an increasingly innovative agricultural sector

As more countries set “net-zero” carbon emissions targets, research and investments focused on dramatically reducing negative ecological effects will likely impact global patent filing growth.

An Australian-based company that also happens to be the first certified carbon neutral urea fertilizer producer is NeuRizer.

Earlier this year, urea producer NeuRizer (formerly Leigh Creek Energy) filed a patent application for its proprietary syngas technology that effectively achieves carbon neutrality.

Australia currently sources around 80% of its urea from China, with the product primarily used in the manufacture of fertilizers. Fertilizer prices would be at a record high.

NeuRizer’s urea project is located in South Australia, 550 km north of Adelaide and will be one of the largest infrastructure projects of its kind in Australia and the only fully integrated urea production facility from the country. The advantages of installing locally include avoiding the risks and higher costs associated with imports and exchange rates while significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

The organization achieved carbon neutrality eight years ahead of its originally planned 2030 goal and achieved Climate Active certification in March 2022 and is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

Since the company also updated its name and has a new logo (giving longevity and flexibility to the brand), they also searched trademark registration. At MBIP, we are very happy to help NeuRizer protect their intellectual property rights in many areas, and we look forward to following their progress.

Lana T. Arthur