Prince Street elementary dance team show off their beats and moves for music video

SALISBURY, Md. – The Rhythm and Roots percussion and dance team at Prince Street Elementary School had the chance to show off their moves in a music video. We’re told the team has teamed up with Hip Hop Public Health in New York City to help shoot a video featuring the drummers and dancers.

The team is running a HYPE break dance and even the teachers were on the sidelines of the video shoot for a virtual gala in October. Those in the public health group Hip Hop say it’s part of their initiative to strengthen health equity through music, art and science.

The students on the dance team say it’s amazing for them to be a part of this. “When my dad passed away, Mr. Thomas started this band and started with me and my brothers, so the real reason is to play the drums,” says eighth-grade drummer Gary Trabers. Fifth year drummer Akayah Joynes adds, “I’m glad we had this opportunity to do it because there are a lot of options to do things, but I chose this to do it. I don’t know, it feels good.

We are also told that Hip Hop Public Health is hiring Darryl McDaniels from RUN DMC, to be part of the virtual gala.

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