PM: Upcoming management changes in the agricultural sector

Management changes are coming to Trinidad and Tobago’s agricultural sector, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has said.

Dr Rowley was speaking earlier today at the opening of the Nutrimix Next Generation Hatchery in Couva.

Loop News understands that the facility will introduce new technology that uses bio-secure controlled ventilation, intelligent chick management systems and equipment monitoring the entire process from egg to chick.

With a capacity of around three million eggs, there will also be the opportunity to export live chicks which will generate much needed foreign currency.

However, according to Dr Rowley, while the multimillion-dollar investment is recognized as the most advanced in the region, ensuring the safety of poultry for locals, there may be several gaps when it comes to regional trade.

“And then you find out that if you try to export all of that to neighboring islands, you’re running into archaic, outdated laws and a public service that’s not prepared to be the representatives that can get us to export some of it. of this to the neighbors so we will be confined here in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Noting that he had been aware of this for some time, Dr Rowley said with the Agriculture Secretary and other advisers that the Government would take all necessary steps to ensure that maximum benefits flowed investment.

“In the very near future, you will see dramatic and unusual changes in the agricultural sector, its management and governance, in Trinidad and Tobago”

He said that although T&T may not have the acreage in which to invest heavily, unlike several other countries, we have the capacity to produce what we consume to the extent that we can “And then after that, we can fill the void of what is left of the imports…it is reasonable”.

The turf for Nutrimix’s next-generation hatchery was shot in August 2018 and is laid out on five acres of land that was once part of the Château de Brechin estate in Couva.

The ministry said the facility is designed for a total capacity of 3 million eggs.

Also present at the event were Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries Minister Clarence Rambharat, Agriculture Minister Avinash Singh and other stakeholders.

Lana T. Arthur