Pleasanton Young Farmers ‘raise the roof’ on dance floor

An excavator moves the front part of the old steer barn. This is the start of his movement on skates to his current location. PLEASANTON YOUNG FARMERS | COURTESY PHOTO

As an extension of a conversion project that began over a year ago, the Pleasanton Young Farmers literally “lifted the roof” of their indoor dance floor on April 15th.

With the help of community volunteers, the PYF took on the task of raising the roof of its five foot indoor dance floor, giving it a clearance of about 13 feet. The idea of ​​increasing the height of the roof was part of the plan from the start when the roof was first placed on the pre-existing dance floor. But in March 2020, as with many other activities that required a group gathering, the project was put on hold.

But where does this roof come from?

By early 2020, it had already been decided that it was time to build a new ox barn on the Atascosa County Cattle Show grounds. When the building plans started, the initial idea was that the old barn should be demolished.

But members of the PYF didn’t like the idea that it would be completely demolished if another use for the materials could be found. So instead it was split into two sections which were moved to another area of ​​the exhibition grounds. It is not an easy task. Skids were welded there, the posts made of large metal pipes were cut to the ground, heavy machinery was introduced. The structure had to be slid and carefully dragged to its new location.

The new covered dance pavilion before removing the suspenders from the move.  PLEASANTON YOUNG FARMERS |  COURTESY PHOTO

The new dance pavilion covered before removing the braces from the movement. PLEASANTON YOUNG FARMERS | COURTESY PHOTO

“The young farmers of Pleasanton are very proud of their association with the Atascosa County Livestock Show,” said PYF. “Before the new ACLS steer barn could be built last year, the old ox barn had to be demolished or moved. The Atascosa County Livestock Show gave young farmers in Pleasanton the opportunity to move the building to the south end of the Rodeo Arena. In the space of two weeks, the members of the PYF did just that.

They already had a dance floor in use, but it was basically a slab, so one of the sections removed from the old ox barn was placed above the dance floor. Thanks to a clever idea and a lot of strength and machinery, the group now has a covered pavilion with multiple uses. Not only can they organize their own events, but they can also rent it for other rodeos or even birthdays or other occasions.

Brody Richter is welding the barn to the posts in the ground.  The barn is suspended above the predefined posts.  PLEASANTON YOUNG FARMERS |  COURTESY PHOTO

Brody Richter is welding the barn to the posts in the ground. The barn is suspended above the predefined posts. PLEASANTON YOUNG FARMERS | COURTESY PHOTO

Although a new barn now stands in place of the old one, the PYF will remember that, through their efforts, the materials from the old barn were not wasted. The PYF intends to use the other section to good effect as well.

Through fundraisers such as rodeos, auctions, raffles, barbecues and more, the PYF organization raises funds that are reinvested in programs that benefit local youth and communities. other members of the community. These funds have been awarded in the form of scholarships and donations to various organizations including Atascosa County SWCD, Atascosa County Livestock Show winners, McMullen County Livestock Show, Ag Boosters, VFW and 4-H events, Atascosa County Livestock Show Barn Buddies, Atascosa County MidCoast Smackdown Fire Department, local law enforcement and others.

The young farmers of Pleasanton appreciate all the help, time and everything that has been given to help with this project.

“It is remarkable that the old ox barn could have been moved and used in a different area on the Atascosa County Cattle Show grounds,” said the PYF. “The ‘Old Steer Barn’ is now the ‘new dance pavilion’ of the Rodeo Arena. Young farmers in Pleasanton appreciate the Atascosa Breeding Show and their support.

For more information on the Pleasanton Young Farmers organization, visit their Facebook page, To rent the lodge, contact Lucy Ashley at 830-570-7592.

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