Planned Parenthood connects with OkCupid. Guess what this cynical partnership really is

It is high time that Planned Parenthood got involved in the dating market. They have already reaped the benefits of taking advantage of the sex toy industry, candies designed for the genitals industry, and, of course, they make tons of money every year as a major supplier to the abortion industry. They’ve been missing out for years by not jumping head first into the online dating world.

But that eventually changed. The dating site OkCupid, which has admitted in the past to social experiences on their users, a in partnership with Planned Parenthood. Those who want to find a date on the site will have to answer this question: “Should the government fund Planned Parenthood?” If they say no, a nice pink badge will appear on their profile picture with the hashtag #IStandWithPP.

The goal of the partnership is to solve the problem of finding real feminists on the dating site. Because only true feminists support the right to end innocent lives in the womb. Oops, off topic.

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The meetings which preceded this partnership must have been entertaining. It probably went like this: groups of young women lamenting over drinks about the lack of feminist men, or maybe women, on online dating, and someone offering the brilliant suggestion. screen applicants for meetings on their support for the country’s largest abortion provider. Brilliant.

Really, that’s the point of this partnership, to find those men who want to use women for free sex and walk away no matter what the consequences.

It’s sad that this idea didn’t come sooner, as young women could have avoided online losers who just wanted to hook up with them, maybe pay for their abortion and move on to the next youngster.

Because, really, that’s the point of this partnership, to find those men who want to use women for free sex and walk away, whatever the consequences.

The best and most revealing question for OkCupid would be: “Would you like to support a woman as you get pregnant and become a father, taking responsibility for the results of your actions?” Or, since 86% of most single Americans say they want to get married, what about “Do you hope to find a woman to love you, marry you and stay faithful to you all your life?” These hashtags could have been much more appealing, like #realmen.

The Bro-Choice movement that started in 2013 – yes it’s a real thing – from a Sarah Silverman idea, who probably likes OkCupid for this new partnership, because now they can figure out which girls have such low expectations and self-esteem that they won’t demand anything from them.

Bro-choicer Ben Sherman railed against Texas law in 2013 that would ban late abortions in the state: “Your sex life is at stake. Can you think of anything that kills the mood faster than a woman fearing an abortion behind the scenes? Making abortion essentially inaccessible in Texas will add anxiety to sex that will dramatically reduce its joys. And don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes much harder to find ”(emphasis added).

Oh no! Less casual sex, more responsibilities, fewer late abortions; better to call on Planned Parenthood to solve this problem!

Knowing about Planned Parenthood, this partnership with OkCupid is possibly the first of many relationships for the abortion giant. They could easily help divide the nation further by getting involved in partnerships with mobile phone companies (the abortion giant with just abortion in pregnancy) and pencil companies (“pink” is called now “Planned Parenthood Pink”).

The opportunities for embarrassment are endless. As for women who want real men – men who take responsibility for their actions and protect women, instead of being selfish (you insert the word) who exploit them – watch out for this pink badge. It is not the men who will cherish the women. Women deserve better.

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