Pizza Critic Makes Detroit-Style Tray at Home | Food and wine

Jim Mirabelli found a way to blend her love of writing and sharing ideas with her passion for pizza.

The creator of NEPA Pizza Review, which he launched in 2012, Mirabelli tastes pizza from northeastern Pennsylvania, then reviews every bite of cheese through blogs and videos on his website, review; social media accounts and YouTube channel.

Also through her social media accounts, Mirabelli shares her own pizza creations. The Clarks Summit resident won a $ 50 gift card at Riccardo’s Market, 1219 Wheeler Ave., Dunmore, for his Detroit style pizza.

“This is by far the most delicious pizza I have ever tried,” said Mirabelli.

Thanks to a chef friend in Philly who coined the term, Mirabelli calls it “refined cheese crust” pizza. The Detroit pizza nickname refers to the Sicilian crust with cheese and then sauce on top as well as caramelized cheese on the edge of the pan.

The style of pizza is also very popular at the moment. While Mirabelli watches every local pizzeria, he also watches several pizzerias across the country and follows pizza trends. He’s seen the Detroit trend grow over the past year or so.

Mirabelli noted that Detroit style pizza may not be for everyone. Whether her audience includes Old Forge die-hards or New York-style traditionalists, Mirabelli is always up for trying new and different kinds of pizza.

And the opinions that matter most to him are those of his best tasters: his family. Her daughter, Layla, a 13-year-old college student in Abington Heights, is an accomplished dancer who has performed in some of her own pizza review videos (“She’s got her own fans,” Mirabelli said) and can throw and spin. dough. in the air like a pro. Between learning to drive his Power Wheels and preparing for kindergarten, 2-year-old Jack loves helping his dad make sauce and pizza dough.

Mirabelli joked that his wife, Jaimie, a kindergarten teacher, is a saint for putting up with her pizza obsession all these years.

But as long as there is pizza, Mirabelli has his goal.

“I connect pizza to people,” he said. “That’s my slogan and that pretty much sums it up.”

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