Obi-Wan’s ‘slightly different’ Disney + costume could fix a hole in the Star Wars plot

While Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Jedi robes are iconic, alternative fashion choices could help him in his attempts to hide from the Empire in the Star Wars series.

Star wars is known for many of his iconic costumes, but a costumed decision that fans have often questioned is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s choice to wear his Jedi robes while hiding on Tatooine. While these iconic robes mark his role as a Jedi master, they weren’t as practical in trying to hide his identity, especially in a world so hostile to Jedi after Order 66. However, in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel , Ewan McGregor revealed that the new Obi wan kenobi The series could finally fix that and allow the Jedi more outfit choices to help him blend in and hide from the Empire.

In the interview, McGregor was reluctant to give out many details for fear of spoiling major reveals for fans. Still, he notes that the costume “is probably a little different, you know, than what you might expect.” He quickly returned to discussing the role himself, but this brief statement indicates that Obi-Wan may have a more varied wardrobe in the new series.

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Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor) in Revenge of the Sith

Some fans might argue that Obi-Wan Kenobi’s original outfit was meant to look like everyday clothes to most of the citizens of the galaxy, and that he wouldn’t have stood out so much wearing the robes. His clothes resemble Owen Lars’ outfit and even Luke’s original clothes. However, even though the dresses were originally meant to be mundane, the Star wars media that came after the original trilogy used Obi-Wan’s outfit as the primary model for Jedi clothing through the ages. Thus, Obi-Wan’s robes have become more immediately associated with the Jedi in the public mind since the release of the original trilogy.

While Obi-Wan Kenobi wears the same outfit for most Star Wars: The Clone Wars and for his appearance in Star Wars: Rebels, he has been shown to change his clothing choices, especially in the name of a mission. For example, in a Season 4 arc of The clone wars, Obi-Wan goes undercover to investigate an assassination plot against Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. In order to cement his cover, the Jedi Order fakes Obi-Wan’s death and he undergoes facial reconstruction surgery so he can more fully embody the role of Rako Hardeen, the potential Jedi assassin.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi disguised as Rako Hardeen Star Wars The Clone Wars

Obi-Wan again undergoes surgery at the end of the arc to return to his original appearance. However, his time in disguise as Rako Hardeen shows that he was able to work undercover and had the skills to successfully disguise himself when needed. The arc is also the first time Obi-Wan has been shown using the codename “Ben,” laying the additional groundwork for Obi-Wan’s time in exile on Tatooine. If Obi-Wan was willing to go to these lengths for his investigation, a simple change of mode while he was in hiding would be a small chore, and he would understand the need.

Another, more mundane, possible reason for Obi-Wan’s costume changes is also featured in Kimmel’s interview. Kimmel notes that fashion likely changed throughout Obi-Wan’s exile. This discussion may have been partially inspired by McGregor’s role as Roy Halston in the upcoming Netflix series. Halston, based on the life of the creator. While Obi-Wan may not have been fashion-oriented, it’s likely he would pay attention to what other people around him were wearing so he could blend in better with fashion.

McGregor’s statement in the interview indicates that the changes to the costume might not be major, but he still suggests Obi-Wan may be wearing a slightly different outfit or even more than one outfit throughout. of Obi wan kenobi series. Although Obi-Wan’s dresses were originally intended to represent everyday clothing, making changes to her wardrobe in exile could showcase her undercover skills. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s outfit has become iconic, but new clothing choices could help viewers delve deeper into his adventures while hiding from the Empire and protecting Luke Skywalker.

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