No Way Home action figures reveal new movie costumes

Spider-Man: No Way Home action figures reveal new movie costumes

Marvel and Sony have been pretty tight-lipped about the plot or details of the upcoming Spider Man movie. Thanks to Alfred Molina, we know his version of Doc Ock will return, but everything else so far is just guesswork. Except that now that some Marvel legends Spider-Man: No Path Home the figurines have highlighted some images, we know a little more. Two characters we knew would return – Doctor Strange and J. Jonah Jameson – are seeing plastic again in newer forms. What about Spider-Man himself? He gets two new costumes.

One of the outfits appears to be a black and gold redecorating of the last movie costume. The second appears to be a more pared-down version of Iron Spider’s armor, which he after all left at home in the last movie. With the caveat that Marvel Legends minifigures don’t necessarily represent the movie, these designs appear on other merchandise like LEGO. And they’re on most official merchandise packaging. The original Jameson action figure from Sam Raimi’s first film turned out to be a notoriously poor salesman, but that was before JK Simmons was known as a beloved Oscar winner and insurance pitchman. Plus, there’s probably a must-see figure that we can’t see yet.

Usually a Marvel Legends wave consists of 6-7 characters, and usually the rest would be based on the comic book. However, given the secrecy surrounding this movie so far, that’s pure guesswork. But if Sony is ready to showcase any merchandise, we should see a full trailer pretty soon.

What do you think of the No way home action figures so far? Leave us your impressions in the comments.

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