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PHILADELPHIA CREAM, October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Brew and consume fresh coffee or tea on the go with the Qterra Craft Travel Brewer, a temperature-controlled travel coffeemaker that brews fresh, artisan-quality coffee and tea anywhere in the world. turning a dial. As the ‘craft’ coffee and tea movement soars and more people seek richer taste experiences on the go, the freshly brewed Qterra Craft sets the new frontier.

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. American coffee drinkers consume about 400 million cups a day. Tea is also easily consumed by over 159 million Americans every day.

While recent advancements in travel mugs have focused on ensuring optimal drinking temperature, Qterra Craft maximizes drink freshness, a major factor affecting flavor quality. Experts say that the taste of hot drinks can change in as little as 30 minutes after brewing, and up to 41% of antioxidants can be lost within the first hour. To avoid these issues, Qterra makes it easy for users to brew and drink fresh, almost anywhere, anytime.

The Qterra Craft Travel Brewer separately transports coffee grounds or tea leaves and hot water, starts and stops brewing on demand, and quickly chills hot drinks for safe consumption – all without the user do not open the cup.

An easy-to-turn dial lowers the stainless steel mesh Q-Brew basket with loose coffee grounds or tea in hot water. Q-Cool technology offers an isolation mode to keep the water hot until it’s time to brew, and a cooling mode to quickly return brewed beverages to a safe temperature to drink. A bright yellow ring, called the Q-Temp ring, changes color to signal the end of cooling. Q-Cool technology uses USDA certified bio-based material to cool hot drinks to 140 ° F in less than 5 minutes to avoid a long wait or a burnt tongue.

“We all know intuitively that ‘freshly brewed’ means rich and tasty,” says Pierre Baston, founder of Qterra. “The stale is not so good. You wouldn’t accept coffee or tea for one, two or three hours in a cafe. So why accept it in your travel mug? With Qterra, you don’t have to do this. “

The Qterra Craft Travel Brewer also includes interchangeable Q-Art medallions that attach to the bottom of the mug. Choose from three Q-Art design styles: Hobnail (stainless steel), Hammered (real copper) or Dichroic (high-tech glass).

The 12oz Qterra Craft is available at discounted Early Bird prices from $ 89 and can be pre-ordered by visiting

About Qterra

Qterra brings utility, convenience and advanced technology to the practice of preparing and enjoying hot beverages. In its name, “terra” represents the earth, which provides the coffee and tea that we enjoy. “Q” represents the added element of human ingenuity. By eliminating unnecessary trips to cafes, Qterra offers an eco-friendly alternative to single-use mugs, electric travel mugs and plastic pod coffee makers. For more information, visit

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