Necessary growth in the economic and agricultural sector

Following the wave of poverty and economic decline in recent times in Nigeria, there is an urgent need to ensure the necessary growth in the economic sectors, agricultural sector, entertainment and political sector.

The current administration has failed in the administration of its constitutional duties, which has undermined the country’s chances to compete with other countries in the world.

The Agriculture Bank is ready to provide loans to as many as one million people in Nigeria through the FAWON Farmers Association so that we can get into food production and make sure that satan does not has not what he wants and that is why we call on the Federal Government of Nigeria to come closer to us and find out what more we are willing to do.

We are ready to see Nigeria see better days, and we welcome the support of the Bank for Agriculture in extending loans to approximately one million Nigerians, all with the aim of alleviating poverty and stimulate agricultural development.

We are ready to engage over 10 million Nigerians in food production. We are ready to do what pleases God alone; we are ready to play a decisive role in stopping what Satan has planned against even this nation.

We also wish to call on young Nigerians to take the political activities of 2023 seriously as it would determine a lot in the destiny of the nation.

Bishop Eberechris Edmund Agakaizu, CEO, Faith and Good Works of Destiny FAGWOD

Lana T. Arthur