Music, dance and street fair celebrate the character of Cloverdale

There is a palpable sense of re-emergence in Cloverdale this summer, as we all crawl under our Covid-times rocks and spend time with our friends and neighbors for the first time in many months. And who knows how to party better than Cloverdale?

First up: Cloverdale’s Friday Night Live is back! In addition to top-notch party and dance music from a variety of bands from across the United States, visitors to FNL will find many other attractions. Dinner is available from a variety of food vendors and nearby restaurants, and premium Sonoma County craft wines and beers can be purchased by the glass. Locally made arts, crafts and other items are available, along with a variety of activities for the kids, ensuring there is something for everyone! The street fair opens at 6:00 p.m. and the music starts at 6:30 p.m.

Here is the program for July:

July 2 – Maxx Cabello Jr, Rhythm and Blues

July 9 – Kingsborough, Rock n Roll

July 16 – B-Side Players, Latin Global Funk

July 23 – Mestizo Beat Quintet, Afro-Latin Soul

July 30 – David Luning Band, Americana

For fans of live theater, the staff and board members of the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center hope that Sam Shepard’s “The God of Hell” will be the first return to theater performance! Show hours are Saturdays July 17, 24 and 31 at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays July 18, 25 and August 1 at 2 p.m.

“The God of Hell”, directed by Athena Gundlach, is a thunderous and brilliantly provocative farce. Frank and Emma are a calm and respectable couple who raise cows on their farm in Wisconsin. Shortly after they agree to house Frank’s old friend Haynes, who is on the run because of a secret government project involving plutonium, they are visited by Welch, a creamy government bureaucrat. Its aggressive patriotism puts Frank, Emma and Haynes on the defensive, turning an American household into a torture scene and promoting a radioactive mark of compliance with a dangerously low half-life.

July also brings independence day. It is a long-standing and highly regarded annual tradition for the Cloverdale Lions Club to sponsor a live fireworks show at the Cloverdale High football field. With its new synthetic turf surface, the football field is no longer suitable, and last year the Lions planned to host the event on the baseball field instead. Amid Covid-19 concerns, they wisely called off the event. According to a Lions Club spokesperson, this Independence Day, “We will be having a fireworks display on the high school baseball field. Unfortunately, we will NOT be providing seats or a place to watch.”

Since the early 2000s, when the Cloverdale Fire Department became an independent fire district, the authority to approve the fireworks has rested solely with the Cloverdale Fire Protection District, and its decision to Approval of the show is determined based on its assessment of the fire risk on the day of the event. The City does not have the power to regulate this type of event.

During this season of extraordinary drought, we believe that fireworks and the sale of so-called “safe and healthy” fireworks by Lions and VFW carry unnecessary fire risk. It would be prudent of the Lions to cancel the event again. True, the Covid risk has decreased, but the risk of fire remains extremely high, and the possibility of people from neighboring communities coming to party on our residential streets could also put a strain on our police department and the fire department. .

Feelings run deep on this issue. Perhaps one area that many of us can agree on is that our city council members, whom we elect to represent us, and the city manager and police chief should be included in the making. decisions regarding fireworks sales and shows in Cloverdale. Please encourage members of your city council to ask city staff to draft a resolution to remove this authority from the fire district.

Whatever your plans for the fourth, we wish you all a safe and festive Independence Day, full of friends, family and fantastic food. Let the festivities begin!

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