Miss World Philippines 2021 bets go further with La Paz Batchoy and Magellan’s national arrival costumes

Miss World National Costumes
Miss World Philippines 2021 delegate Ann Palmeras wears her national costume in this photo from her Facebook page and Tracy Maureen Perez in her national costume shared by designer Axel Que on her Facebook. (Photos from Facebook via Ann Palmares and Axel Que)

Some candidates from Miss World Philippines 2021 captured attention at the charity gala ball on Thursday as they showcase their creative national costumes.

Delegates Ann Awards of the town of Iloilo paid homage to the most famous noodle dish in its province while Tracy Maureen Perez of Cebu City honored Filipinos’ introduction to the Christian faith.

Ann’s costume is inspired by the famous La Paz noodle soup, which originated in the market stalls of La Paz and eventually became one of Iloilo’s most beloved dishes.

A travel guide said it’s made with miki (round noodles), pork organs (liver, spleen, kidneys and heart), chicken broth, beef loin, shrimp broth and topped with chicharon (pork crackers).

the Department of Tourism, on the other hand, said that it is made from salted meat broth, pork organs and chicharon, among others.

The Ilongga beauty shared photos of her outfit on social media where she donned a creation by fashion designer Paul Jerome “Tata” Blas Pinuela.

It contains some of the ingredients of the dish like noodles, soy sauce, eggs and meat.

“For many years now, there has been one delicacy that has captured the taste of Filipinos: This is The Original La Paz Batchoy,” Ann wrote in her caption.

“The simple taste of the broth describes the Ilonggos as the friendliest people in the country, warm and welcoming, gentle and soft-spoken, who would go out of their way to make complete strangers feel at home. Beef and pork loin, pork offal, crushed pork crackers and chicken broths are a fusion of Spanish-influenced Ilonggo taste buds, while the condiments came from pre-Hispanic traders, ”a-t -she adds.

“Round noodles are Ilonggo’s close family ties: firm and strong. Finally, to complete the ingredients, a touch of love, since this delicious delicacy comes from the district of La Paz in the city of love, my city, Iloilo City, ”wrote Ann.

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo, who is also from Iloilo, also shared a video posted by Tata that illustrated the conceptualization of the costume.

Tracy, meanwhile, wore a national costume dubbed “vessel of faith” by the fashion designer. Axel Que, who shared photos of the costume on her Instagram account.

“Tracy Maureen Perez pays homage to 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines. The costume highlights the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan on the shores of Cebu and the introduction of our ancestors to the Christian faith, ”Que wrote in the caption.

Besides the title of Miss World Philippines, the candidates will also compete for the titles Miss Supranational Philippines, Miss Eco Philippines, Reina Hispanoamericana Philippines, Miss multinational Philippines, Miss Eco Teen Philippines, and Miss Tourism Philippines.

The coronation evening is scheduled for Sunday July 25.

Viewers can watch it on KTX.ph, Upstream.ph, TFC IPTV, WeTV or GMA-7 at 10:30 p.m.

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